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Monthly Archives: December 2015

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Road Freight Company – Finding the Best

Road freight company services have been a staple part of our country’s economy for a number of decades now, as without them, business in general would grind to a dramatic standstill. Think about it: The chair you’re sat on, the tablet, smartphone, or computer that you’re reading this article from, plus every other item in your home for that matter, was built in a factory and then had to make its way over to the shop that you purchased it from. How did it get there? Via a road freight company of course. These haulage companies are the backbone of our great country, yet unfortunately, like all companies, some are better than others, and some, well, some should sadly be avoided at all costs. If you own a business, need something transported, or are just generally enquiring about road freight and haulage in general, here we’ll be taking a look at a few ways to help ensure you find the absolute best road freight company, no matter what you need transporting.

Customer Satisfaction

Unless you happen to be their very first customer, which is unlikely, there’s a very strong chance that the road freight company you have your eye on, will have, at some point, have provided their specialist services to a number of other customers and businesses in the past, and it is this which will help give you a clue as to just how efficient and effective they actually are as a business. For example, if you search online on various business review pages, you should be able to find reviews left by customers of the company in question, which will give you a clue as to just how efficient they are in general. Read reviews left by their customers and see what the overall customer satisfaction level is in general. Do the customers have a lot of positives to say, are reviews mixed, or are they largely poor. If reviews are poor, read on and find out what it is that people did not like. Obviously, if there is a high level of customer satisfaction that would certainly help to provide peace of mind and help convince you that the company in question, could be the right company for you.

road freight company


Let’s cut to the chase, nobody likes spending more money than they have to, so finding the most competitive prices out there, for all services, is going to be absolutely essential, especially if you’re running a business and trying to keep costs down. If you find a road freight company that looks promising, take a look at their prices and see whether they’re competitive, compared to other similar companies. If they are, that’s good news and you may be onto a winner. If they aren’t however, and they’re charging too much, don’t be afraid to look elsewhere.


Finally, the most important thing to consider when looking for a road freight company, is the services they provide. For example: which goods do they transport? How much mileage do they cover? Do they take care of all of the logistics for you? All of that, plus much more, will need to be considered when searching for the best freight company for you and your business.

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Pallet Delivery Service UK for all your Consignments

When you have consignments that need to be delivered in and around the UK, there are many different choices that you can make. The delivery service you choose will depend on the size of the cargo you have to deliver, and whether it is an oversized load or not. For all your regular cargo, whether you have full or half pallets, you should choose a pallet delivery service UK service from your local logistics team.

A pallet delivery service UK is a way to get your consignment moving, on time, and without the worry of huge costs that you cannot afford. Road transport in the UK is quick and simple due to the extensive motorway network and the compact size of the country as a whole. Your full and half pallets can be collected in just hours of your contacting your local logistics team, and with no need to wait for a whole pallet to get your cargo moving it is the best way to really get your consignment where it needs to be and when.

When you choose a pallet delivery service from your local logistics experts, you will be able to enjoy a service that operates seven days a week, and one where there will always be someone on hand to take your call no matter the time of day or night. With the most up to date GPS tracking on all vehicles, you will also never need to worry about where your consignment is at any one time. You will be given live updates on the positioning of your cargo, and you can rest assured that your goods will be handled with the utmost care during transit.

pallet delivery service UK

When you have a consignment that will fit neatly into packing boxes, there really is no better solution available to you than to order a pallet delivery service. With full and half pallets available, it doesn’t matter if your consignment is small; you won’t lose out. Pallet delivery can be used for one off consignments, or as a continual agreement between you and your local logistics team. When you have goods that need to be transported around the UK, your local logistics team will be able to offer you the very best solution all round.

Contact your local logistics team today for all your questions and enquiries on a pallet delivery service UK. When you have regular or one-off consignments that need delivery in and around the UK, or to Europe, your local logistics team can offer you a service that is second to none on both price and quality. With the help of your local reliable team of logistics experts, and prices that won’t break the bank, you can really get your business moving when you choose a pallet delivery service. Never let your customers down and never allow for a weak link in your supply chain. Ensure that you have all your logistics needs covered when you rely on your local team of UK experts for all your pallets, half and full loads, and more.

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Goods Transportation by Road – Vehicles and Trailers

As an island nation, the import and export industry is a staple part of our day to day society, which is one of the main reasons why goods transportation by road is currently thriving. Whilst we have been importing and exporting goods for literally centuries upon centuries, goods transportation by road is a relatively new concept, due largely to the fact that we have only just been able to establish strong road links from various depots, ports, and stations. Road haulage providers such as lorry drivers are the backbone of our great nation as without them, working life as we know it would come grinding to a halt.

Despite what some people may think however, road haulage, and the art of goods transportation by road, is not just as simple as loading a van or a lorry with various items and then driving to other parts of the country to deliver them, as, like all things business-related, there is a great deal of paperwork, logistics, and health and safety measures that must first be adhered to. To help provide an insight into what is required to be a road haulage driver, here’s a more detailed look at just a few of the more useful facts about the vehicles and trailers used in the road haulage industry.

Different Vehicles

When it comes to goods transportation by road, although you probably think of lorries as the only real vehicle used for the job, in reality, there are many different types of vehicles commonly used in the road haulage industry, including many different types of lorry. As well as lorries, for smaller and lighter goods, vans can also be used. Commonly, you will find that the primary types of vehicles used for goods transportation are Artics, otherwise known as articulated lorries. Artics are large vehicles which are made up of a tractor unit complete with what is known as a turn-table device. This device can be linked up with a trailer, although it is not essential. As far as trailers go, there are different types of trailer that can be attached to Artics, with some of the more common examples being:

goods transportation by road

Tilt Trailers

These are very similar to flatbed trailers, with the main difference being a removable canopy commonly made of PVC.

Flatbed Trailers

These can be used for virtually any type of road goods and cargo, although the goods must be secured down, protected from the weather, as well as being protected from theft in the process.

Box Trailers

Box trailers are rigid units that feature loading from the rear doors. Basically, think of a box trailer as a large box on wheels. For valuable goods, box trailers are ideal.

Curtain-Sider Trailers

These trailer units are almost identical to box trailers, with the main difference being the fact that the walls on the left and right-hand side of the unit, slide back and forth just like curtains in the home do. Obviously they’re made from durable and hard-wearing material, of course.

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European Road Freight – 3 Green Freight Methods

European road freight companies are currently in higher demand now than at any other point in previous history, and whilst that is indeed a fantastic thing for the economy, and indeed each and every individual actively involved in the freight industry, the downside is the fact that we are harming the environment. Being green in general is pretty tough, and whilst many of us are finally doing our bit to help the environment, I.E walking instead of driving, recycling, etc, what about those of us who clock up a ridiculous amount of miles each week by simply doing our jobs. Those involved in the European road freight industry for example, are obviously producing a fair amount of emissions from their vehicles each week, which is not doing the environment any good at all. Because of this, we need to look for safer, greener, and more efficient alternatives. Here’s a look at 3 green freight methods that have been found to considerably lower a company’s carbon footprint and be a much greener freight alternative.

Freight Trains

Although there are many, many different ways of being green when it comes to road freight, the fact remains that freight trains are generally considered a much greener alternative and are incredibly fuel and energy efficient. To begin with, freight trains are much larger than vans or lorries, which means that they can transport more goods at a time. One freight train has the potential to carry far more goods than vans and lorries, and so if you choose to transport your goods via train, you only have the energy and the emissions being produced via the train to concern yourself with, instead of the countless vehicles that would ordinarily be required to transport these goods up and down the country. The trains are also far more fuel efficient as they have the potential to carry the goods more than 500 miles on one tank of fuel, which is extremely impressive. Thanks to all of the advances in modern technology, freight trains are more efficient than ever before, which is great for our planet, and indeed, those in the freight industry.


Bio-Diesel Vehicles

As mentioned, European road freight is currently more popular than ever before, and due to the fact that there are so many vans, European road freighttrucks, and lorries on the road each day, the need for these vehicles to become green has never been greater. Thankfully, there are a number of ways in which these vehicles are now able to become greener and more efficient, with bio-diesel especially, looking very promising indeed. Bio-diesel is diesel which has been made via fats or oils, as opposed to crude oil. This means that old oil, I.E oil from restaurants, can actually be recycled and turned into fuel. Bio-diesel has the potential to lower emissions by as much as 70%.

Hybrid Transportation

Hybrid vehicles are basically part fuel-powered vehicles, part electric-powered vehicles, and they are becoming more common with each passing day. Some vehicles can even be pure electricity powered. Whether hybrid, or electricity powered, these vehicles work in exactly the same way, with the added bonus of saving gallons upon gallons of fuel every single day.

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UK Transport Company – Benefits of a Freight Exchange

UK transport service providers and the transport service industry in general, is currently seeing a pretty substantial boom, which many believe is down to much more than just the economy beginning to pick up. A UK transport company covers a wide range of different services and works in a number of different industries. Road haulage and goods transportation for example, have been a staple part of British culture and industry for many decades now, as without them, working lives as we know it would grind to a halt.

These tireless and often thankless drivers cover more miles in a week than some people would cover in an entire year, driving up and down the country, delivering anything and everything wherever they may be required. For transport companies and haulers, a freight exchange could prove highly beneficial. These exchanges are services based online, that basically allow UK transport service workers and providers to search online for haulage and transportation jobs and advertisements. Here’s a look at three of the benefits of using an online freight exchange.

Less ‘Dead Mileage’

One of the best things about using an online freight exchange from your UK transport company is the fact that dead mileage can be turned into what is known as revenue mileage. You see, once a company delivers their goods from one part of the country to the other, when they return back they will be empty, meaning that they are basically just burning fuel and therefore burning money. Did you know for instance, that nearly 30% of all trucks you see on the road are empty, meaning that the miles they’re clocking up are classed as being dead miles. With a freight exchange however, these drivers can plan their jobs so that on the return route of their jobs, they can find back loads for the return parts of their journeys, thus drastically reducing dead mileage, and increasing revenue mileage in the process.

UK transport company

Find Work Easier

Another great thing about an online freight exchange is the fact that UK transport service providers and road haulage workers in general, can find work much easier by searching the thousands upon thousands of job listings that are available on a daily basis. They can narrow down their searches and filter results by categories such as: goods, or even the vehicles being used in general. Whether it’s full loads, courier loads, part loads, wide loads, or anything else, finding the work out there has never been easier.

New Business Relationships

Finally, the last reason why any road haulage companies may wish to give serious thought to using an online freight exchange is the fact that they allow them to potentially build new business relationships, and possibly even partnerships in the near future as well. Say for example, a company posts a job advertisement online in which they require certain goods to be transported quickly, safely, and efficiently from one part of the country to another, and your company happens to answer the job ad. Providing you do a good job, if the company is impressed, they will be far more likely to use you again, and again, eventually allowing you to become regulars of theirs and establish a strong working relationship in the process.

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