We have mentioned on more than one occasion the influence the Internet is having on consumer behaviour. Consequently, manufacturers are now able to use the Internet to market products to a far wider market. On the one hand this can be exciting, while on the other it can also be daunting from a logistics point of view. For a number of you with small to medium sized enterprises, you may have dismissed the international and global market on the basis that you don’t currently produce a sufficient volume of products that you believe an international freight company would be interested in delivering.

Getting the best price for overseas shipping rates can often mean the difference between success and failure and it is important to us here as we try to establish more and more long-term freight solution partnerships that we do all we can for you from the very beginning. As a consequence, we have worked extremely hard on maximising efficiency, while lowering costs, to the point where we can now offer affordable international freight and express shipping solutions at prices up to 70% lower than our competitors.It is very important to us here at Plexus Freight you are made totally aware of the fact that we are more than happy to deliver smaller batches of products then you might have anticipated. We fully appreciate and accept that for many of our customers who are looking to broaden out into international markets that potential outlets will want to trial your products before committing to a more substantial order. Where Europe is concerned we have established extremely affordable freight shipping to a wide range of countries including Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

It is fair to say that another reason why international expansion does not appeal to a number of businesses is through a lack of knowledge and understanding with regard to the logistics and costs of shipping products abroad. Having been established for over 40 years and offering freight and express delivery throughout the whole of the UK and beyond, we are in the perfect position to be able to inform you and guide you accordingly. To help give you some idea of costs involved, please feel free to use our free online quotation form, while if you have any additional questions you would like answered, please make sure you give us a call; we will be only too happy to help in any way we can.