How to get the best freight rate?

At Plexus Freight we want to provide you with the best, most competitive shipping quote for all your deliveries.

There can be many elements of a shipment that can affect obtaining a good freight shipping quote. The cost of transport can make the difference to the competitivity of your goods. For this reason, we are sure that you want to get the best transport quote possible, so we have written this short guide to help you along:

1. Postcodes – Collection and Delivery Points

Postcodes allow us to pinpoint the collection and delivery points of your goods. The Google Maps Tool may help with this.

2. Dimensions (cm)

Please provide us the dimensions of your shipment in cm’s using the following format.

3. (Length x Width x Height)

In European countries they favour the Euro pallet which has a base size of 120 x 80 centimetres In Britain we utilise the more popular UK pallet that has a footprint of 120 x 100 in centimetres.

4. Weight? (kg)

If you could let us know the weight of your shipment in Kilograms that would be great. If unsure please provide us with what you believe the maximum weight will be.

5. Stackable? Will your goods stack?

Are your goods OK to stack? If not then please let us know, as this can effect the quoted price.

6. Time Constraints?

We operate a range of services from economy to urgent so please let us know your targets and we will endeavor to meet them.

7. Offloading Facilities?

If there is not a forklift on site at the collection and delivery points then no problem we can use a tail lift vehicle if needs be. Let us know we like to cover every angle.

Follow these basic guidelines and you will be all set for a great competitive freight shipping quote. Alternatively give us a call on 01823 335 666 to discuss any freight shipping requirements you may have.