Economy Freight

We offer Economy Freight shipping services from all corners of Europe including Cross Trade and National deliveries.

Cross Trade and National Delivery Economy Freight Shipping

At Plexus Freight we offer Economy Freight shipping services from all corners of Europe including Cross Trade and National deliveries. We have been active within the European and UK freight transport industry for over 20 years now making us the go to UK freight forwarder. Our economy freight solutions aim to provide you with the most reliable shipping options for all your price sensitive freight. We understand that when importing or exporting cargo price is a crucial factor to your bottom line, this is exactly why we have developed our range of economic freight services to meet your requirements. We even offer a price beat guarantee so you can be confident that you are getting the best possibles prices in the shipping industry.

We make daily collections both nationally and throughout Europe meaning your consignments are never left waiting for other  cargo to satisfy a full trailer load. Over the past 20 years we have strategically partnered with the most trusted depots and partner agent to ensure our service is second to none. Alongside a large network of depots we have access to thousands of freight vehicles that allow us to carry all types of cargo from single boxes to large over-sized crates. Reliable and affordable Economy Freight for all your supply chain requirements. We have been helping business and individuals both in the UK and around Europe transport their goods via road, sea and air for over 20 years. We are available 24/7, with super fast response times to your inquiries making us the ideal partner yo your business. We can help you transport pallets, crates, boxes, machinery, loose cargo and much more through our economy network. The typical transit times in the UK are 1-3 days and throughout Europe you can expect transit time of anything from 3-8 days depending on its final destination and the volume of cargo being transported.

What We Transport



Oversized Cargo

Loose Goods

Daily Collections

We make daily collections for all your shipments and suing our Economy Express Service we can often load with the hour. The reason we make daily collections is so your cargo is never left waiting to fulfill a full trailer load meaning it can begin its transit immediately getting to its delivery point faster.

Door to Door

A door to door freight solution with cost always in mind. We can deliver door to door whether using our road, sea or air freight solutions. With a wide range of services an value added services we like to think of ourselves as the One Stop Transport Shop for all your shipping requirements.

Sea Freight

We utilise the very best and most cost effective sea freight services to ensure your cargo is delivered safely and mos importantly at the very best prices. We can transport pallets, crates, boxes and loose cargo with our weekly European sea freight services. This service is perfect for any price sensitive cargo that is not time sensitive.

Tail Lift Deliveries

Our tail lift services can collect and deliver your consignments for when you do not have a forklift at either the collection or delivery point. Using a hydraulic lift on the rear of the freight vehicles we can ensure your goods are raised onto the truck and safely lowered of on delivery, it even comes with a pallet ruck to help you move goods once they are off the vehicle.

For much of your price sensitive cargo we often recommend short sea freight transportation which will use the most economical shipping lanes to transport your cargo at the best possible prices. We can provide door to door, door to port or port to door sea freight services for any heavier or larger consignments you need transporting. Alongside our economy freight we also operate an Economy Express service which utilises the thousands of smaller express vehicles that we have access to. This is super fast transport with price in mind, we consolidate your express freight with other compatible cargo which allows us to drive your costs down. Transit times for our economy express transport range from 1-3 days depending on your requirements.