European Courier Service

Fast and affordable European Courier Services – every day of the year. We have access to thousands of freight and delivery vehicles throughout the European Union.

Fast and Affordable European Courier Services

At Plexus Freight we provide a fast and affordable European courier service every day of the year. We have access to thousands of freight and delivery vehicles throughout the European Union. We can often have your consignments loaded within the hour, getting them on their way to the delivery point fast. With next day and economy courier services available we are your number one for fast courier services. We can help you transport; boxes, crates, pallets and loose cargo at the best rates. Our out of hours and weekend collections and deliveries are available upon booking. Our dedicated team of 24/7 express courier professionals are on hand day and night to ensure your consignments get to where they need to be on time and safely.

We have been shipping consignments throughout Europe for the last 20 years and know how to do a great job. We believe that a courier service should be flexible and most importantly 24/7, 365 days a year. At Plexus Freight we are committed being the best express freight provider in the industry, this is why hundreds of UK and European companies rely on us when they need cargo or freight transporting fast.

Unlike many other freight forwarders in the logistics industry, our European Courier Services do not comprise of just one basic service. We offer three types of courier services making us flexible in our approach to courier solutions; this is why we provide a wide range of shipping solutions to meet your requirements. Our European Courier Services include Same Day Express for any domestic shipments that you need transporting with no time to spare. Using our Next Day European Express courier services we make daily collections from countries such as Italy, Portugal and Spain and get them to your door the next day. We have also recently released our Economy Express Courier service which harnesses the power of consolidation and speed. We will consolidate your cargo with other compatible consignments to drive your shipping rates down. We would not say that this service is a cheap courier delivery service but it certainly give you value for money. Whatever your requirements we have the expertise and services in place to help your business achieve its transport goals.

Our European Courier Services operates 24/7, 365 days a year to provide the most comprehensive courier solutions in the freight industry. We are on hand every hour of every day to handle your requirements. Our Express European Courier Service team will also aim to reply to your requests within 20 minutes. We like to think our courier services are fast right from the first contact.

What We Transport



Oversized Cargo

Loose Goods

Next Day Express

Our next day express courier service is extremely popular. We have thousands of smaller vehicles strategically places throughout Europe to ensure you are never left waiting. We use the most trusted network of partner agents and depot through Europe to make our next day service the best in the industry. Most of our next day express courier vehicles come with GPS tracking and due to no driving restrictions can get your cargo moving fast. We are also on hand 24/7 to ensure we handle and questions or queries you may have.

Economy Express

Our Economy Express Courier Service is perfect for when you need a fast but affordable courier delivery. We are the price sensitive specialists; this is why we have created a fast courier service that doesn’t compromise on speed whilst keeping your costs down. We consolidate your consignments with other compatible goods to drive your prices down. Due to the large volumes of shipments we transport throughout the European Union every day we can ensure your consignments are delivered on time and most importantly at the best prices.

We have access to thousands of express courier vehicles throughout the UK and Europe.

These vehicles are strategically positioned throughout Europe to make sure we have the flexibility and speed to provide a first class European courier service. Even if you do not have a forklift on site we can delivery your consignments using a tail lift to lower your goods to the floor upon delivery and raise them up onto the vehicle on collection.

We can help you deliver a wide range of cargoes throughout Europe and the UK. For over 40 years we have been helping UK and European companies transport pallets, crates, boxes and loose cargo fast and effectively. Our European courier vehicles can carry up to 10 Euro pallets or up to 1300kg. This can be transported through Europe without any driving restrictions, meaning we can ship your goods safely with the quickest transit times.

As far as European Courier Service providers go we believe we tick all the boxes. Offering a range of transport, freight and logistics services we can assist you when needing to move cargo fast. Get in contact with our specialist courier team today to discuss which express services will compliment your business best.