Rail Freight

Efficient and cost-effective rail freight services from one of Europe’s best freight forwarding companies

Efficient Rail Freight Services

As part of our Multi-Modal freight services we offer economical rail freight transport, from both Spain and Italy, sitting perfectly in between our road and sea freight operations. Since Brexit back in 2020 our Inter-modal rail solutions have become more and more popular due to the increase in road freight costs throughout Europe. With relatively short transit time ranging from 7 to 10 days inter-modal freight is a good option for any bulk cargo that is not time sensitive.

All of our rail freight is loaded on to 45ft units. These units can have curtain or hard sides allowing goods to be loaded from the back, side and even the top in some cases. Using the many rail terminals throughout Europe we can make daily collections and are able to get the goods on their way within days.

Over the past few years our European Inter-modal services have become very popular from both Spain and Italy as they offer both affordability and reliable transport routes that see goods delivered in a timely manner. At Plexus Freight we can also handle all manner of customs in both the country of origin and the country of delivery. This ensures that the customs mechanisms are handled correctly, leaving the client to focus on their day to day business operations.

Rail Freight From Spain

Freight To Spain
Our Inter-modal rail services from Spain to the UK are a cost-effective and efficient way of importing cargo. Utilising rail terminals throughout Spain, including Madrid, Castellon, Tarragona and Barcelona, we are well placed to service the length and breadth of Spain. With transit times between five and ten working days, and a distribution network to all parts of the UK, our rail freight service is a great way to ship cargo without paying a premium via road.

Rail FReight From Italy

Freight To Italy
Multi-modal freight from Italy, or Inter-modal as it is often called, is a large part of our import operation as it allows us to ship goods for our clients both economically and at speed. Using main rail terminals such as that in Milan we are able to make daily collections from all parts of Italy and rail northbound, within days, using 45ft curtain or hard sided containers, which carry up to 33 euro pallets (non-stackable) or 26 UK pallets. On arrival in the UK we arrange delivery, well in advance, with all our clients giving an average transit time of 10 working days. With over 25 years of experience of shipping from Italy to the UK we are well placed to assist you with your requirements, whether you need to ship goods via rail, or using groupage, part & full loads or via express van.

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Why Plexus Freight?

Super Fast Collections

We pride ourselves in being able to act quickly to your express freight requirements. We can often load your shipments within one hour getting it moving to it’s destination fast. Due to our activity and experience in the transport industry we have a network of partner hubs and express transport that makes us the UK’s leading express & courier freight transporter.

Door to Door Express

Need fast and reliable door to door freight solutions? Look no further. We have access to thousands of express vehicles that can load good using a tail lift making it possible for us to lift your shipments onto the vehicle and off again on delivery. No forklift, no problem. Trust us to handle any door to door express shipments you have.

Range of Express Options

Over the last 20 years we have continued to grow our courier services to make us the One Stop Transport Shop. This continued growth allows us to offer a wide range of express freight services at great prices. Whether you need a domestic pallet delivery or a European movement we can meet your requirements. Tell us what you need and we will tailor our services to ensure you are impressed.

24/7 Support

Transport never stops so nor do we. We are a committed team of freight professional working around the clock to ensure your collection and delivery deadlines are met. This is why we are 24/7, 365 days a year. You can always get in contact with our express professionals wither on the phone or via email. With regular updates and reliable and realistic transit times we are your number one.

Express Freight Tracking

When you make a express freight booking with Plexus Freight you can be sure that your cargo will come with express freight tracking. Our express freight tracking allows us to monitor and track your shipments every step of the way in real time. This unique real time tracking system, coupled with our 24/7 team of freight professional makes our express services unrivaled within the freight industry. Even if we are not collecting or delivering directly to you we can still keep you up to date with the progress of you express freight shipment.

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