About GPS Tracking

GPS trackers are used primarily on our express freight services. They allow us to tell you an accurate and up to date positioning of your cargo. We have access to thousands of express freight vehicles throughout Europe. This allows us to load goods within 2 hours and get them moving towards the destination point quickly. The introduction of GPS tracking devices has allowed transport suppliers to provide a better and more efficient fast freight solution.

GPS tracking stands for, a Global Positioning System and is a device that is usually carried by a moving vehicle or a person, in our case it would be fitted to a vehicle. A GPS tracking device determines and tracks its precise location. Once the positioning has been identified the data can then be sent to either a central hub, for example a warehouse operative, or stored within the tracking unit. This data may be viewed on detailed electronic maps or by using specialised software. GPS tracking devices allows for fast and efficient fleet management. At any one time an express freight supplier can check the positioning of all of their vehicles throughout Europe and strategically position them to optimize efficiency. Having this information has transformed the fast freight sector as suppliers can now keep their clients up to date on the positioning of their shipments and provide accurate estimated transit times.

The availability of GPS tracking devices means that they can be used in the economy freight arena, as a wide range of vehicles can be fitted with the devices. Most European hauliers operate trucks with detachable load carrying units. The part of the truck that actually pulls the load is known as the tractor unit and the load carrying unit is the trailer. The types of trailer used depend upon the goods to be transported these may include: refrigerated units, flat beds, curtainsiders and box trailers to name a few.

By having a fleet of express vans and vehicles visible at the push of a button it means that we are able to locate a suitable vehicle for our clients. Whether you need to load just one pallet or a larger load we can ensure that we have a vehicle to you in the shortest possible time. Also being able to tell our clients an accurate ETA mean that you have more time to concentrate on the areas of your business that matter without having to wait around all day for the delivery of your cargo.