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Why Choose Our European Courier Services?

Are you looking for a trusted company to get your goods from A to B?

Brexit or not Brexit, trade in Europe will remain highly important for the UK. At Plexus Freight, we offer a wide range of transport solutions, including our courier services. We are proud to offer the most comprehensive courier services in the freight industry.

Our fast and affordable service in available throughout Europe, from the UK to the foot of Italy and the furthest reaches of Spain. We have thousands of courier vehicles stationed throughout Europe.

Whether you need a courier service for furniture, Christmas goods or perishable items, Plexus Freight work day and night to get your items delivered. We are one of Europe’s leading courier service providers, and provide much more than a basic service.

Extremely flexible, Plexus Freight offer three types of courier service.

Our services include a Same Day Express, Next Day European Express and Economy Express serviced for your needs. We also operate 365 days a year, 24/7.

Discover more about our courier services in Europe.

Or contact our team today for a quick response.

(+44) 01823 335 666.

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Pallet Delivery Services in the UK

Are you looking for pallet delivery services in the UK?

At Plexus Freight, we offer pallet delivery services in over 220 countries, including the UK.

Here are 10 reasons to choose our pallet delivery services in 2017:

  1. We offer one of the cheapest pallet delivery services in the UK.
  2. Our team can deliver to virtually any place on the globe, and any place in the UK.
  3. We have both Economy and Express pallet services available, so can find the best solution to fit your requirements.
  4. With our rate pricing structure, you only pay the price that’s quoted.
  5. We have over 40 years of experience in the delivery of pallets, and in freight forwarding.
  6. With our network of trusted transport hubs and depots, you can enjoy far greater flexibility.
  7. We can arrange for a tail lift delivery if needed.
  8. Our UK pallet delivery services operate daily, so we are extremely fast and efficient.
  9. Plexus Freight can deliver any quarter, half or full pallets you have.
  10. We also have oversized pallet delivery services.

Discover more about our pallet delivery services today.

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Our Express Freight Services

Freight forwarding is the transportation of goods from one destination to another, and this can be both import and export goods. The logistics of moving goods from one place to another, especially if they are travelling overseas, can be complex. It therefore pays to hire a company that provides freight forwarding services.

The management of import and export shipments can be complicated. Not only will you want to keep costs to a minimum, but you’ll want to ensure that your goods reach their destination undamaged and at the scheduled time. You may prefer someone else to be responsible for coordinating all aspects of the freight forwarding process. For this, simply look to Plexus Freight.

From Economy to Express Services, Plexus Freight are a freight company that offer a one-stop shop for transport.

Our express freight services can save you up to 70% on standard shipping rates and on courier services.

With our 24/7 team of professionals, our company work hard to provide the fastest and most efficient service. We have daily collections and a network of transport hubs all over the world, including throughout the UK.

Discover more about our Express Freight Services.

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Do You Require Freight Forwarding Services?

Freight forwarding is the best way to organise efficient, safe and cost-effective deliveries for your company. It involves using an agent who acts on your behalf, so you no longer have to worry about the process. Instead, you can focus on your business and producing the stock that’s needed.

If you require freight forwarding anywhere in Europe, Plexus Freight offer European Pallet Delivery and Express Freight Services.

Ceramic Solutions offer a variety of freight solutions to cover all your needs.

We will get your freight forwarding working like clockwork. We also extremely affordable and can save you up to 70% on standard shipping rates. Our priority is always to make freight forwarding fast, efficient and safe, wherever your stock is heading. We understand that transport never stops, and nor do we.

When we say we cover the whole of Europe, we really mean it: our freight forwarding services are available from Germany to the UK. With over 40 years of experience we know all there is about the freight and courier industry.

Our family run company are available 24/7. Why not get in touch today?

01823 335 666.

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How the Internet of Things is boosting the freight business

Wherever courier goods or freight goes around the world, on lorries, on boats or by plane, it is increasingly being monitored by the Internet of Things. While that phrase may conjure up all sorts of images, the underlying reason for its existence is to allow “things” to talk to computers, and then report back to people.

Therefore, a freighter shipping goods from China can be rerouted around bad weather, or follow a fast current found by another boat to save fuel. A refrigerated goods lorry on the roads of Europe with a faulty chiller can be directed to a repair facility to save the cargo spoiling. Similarly, a van full of valuable or sensitive goods can be fitted with load and shock sensors to ensure they are transported smoothly and safely.

All of this means better customer service for the sellers and buyers, with less waste and damage. It also means companies can keep a better eye on their fleets and learn over time the most efficient ways to move goods around. In the not too distant future, the effects and power of this technology might also see it take charge on the bridge or in the cab, with robotic drivers or pilots. It might even go as far as miniature drones or robots leaving a mothership vehicle at the other end of a route to deliver individual parcels or items. That’s if the likes of Amazon and Starship Drones have their way.

To maximise revenue and save the most on fuel and maintenance costs, the transport and freight industries have always been on the cutting edge of technology, and this represents the latest step. If it saves customers’ money and provides a more efficient service, then expect more revolution in freight and courier services, even as the roads remain the same and struggle to cope with growing volumes of traffic.

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Freight industry more efficient than ever, say DfT officials

A new report by the Department for Transportation puts a very positive light on the freight and courier services industry, suggesting that overall efficiency has improved. The UK’s road freight industry was found to have grown in the past year, yet haulage companies were able to take more trucks off the road. This is a positive step towards better environmental practices and great news for freight companies who want to improve overall cost-efficiency.

In 2015, there was a huge 12% rise in the amount of goods being transported on British roads. Road freight accounts for three-quarters of all movement of UK goods, so this is a big rise in deliveries overall. Experts attribute the demand for logistics to a connected marketplace, with more national and global trading of goods and materials. The boom in online shopping and subsequent delivery demand from consumers has also put pressure on the delivery markets: products are now shipped far and wide as people expand their buying habits through the internet.

With all this extra productivity, you would expect a rise in haulage vehicles on the roads. However, the DfT report revealed a far more surprising statistic along with that 12% market boost: HGV use only rose by 9% in the same year. That 3% margin is a crucial one – it suggests that logistics efficiency has increased overall. With growing concerns over the environmental impact of haulage and freight services – plus a promise from the industry to work on its carbon emissions – the news from the DfT’s report is certainly very welcome. Experts say that, while road freight might reduce slightly to push down its environmental impact, it will always remain the strongest arm of the logistics market and an important part of UK industry.

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Freight industry can take leading role in reducing carbon emissions

While Britain is still a part of the European Union, we continue to closely monitor its commitment to helping the freight industry to reduce emissions. Last week, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) voiced its approval of the European Union’s low emission mobility strategy.

The EU recently communicated that it will be setting out “clear and fair guiding principles to member states” in order to prepare for a greener future. Pauline Bastidon, Head of European Policy at the FTA, welcomed the introduction of a framework for the industry and said that an “adequate rollout of infrastructure for alternative fuels is key for us and can go a long way in helping the logistics sector reduce its carbon footprint.”

Currently, the freight transport needed to distribute various goods around the globe contributes to seven percent of global carbon emissions. This is a significant amount, but also means that, as an industry, we have a real opportunity to lead the world’s goals to reduce the impact of fossil fuels on our environment.

Although it’s not easy, there are many ways we can and do look to reduce carbon emissions, such as by improving vehicle design, calculating better route efficiency, using different modes of transport across various terrains on a single route, and introducing low-carbon fuels.

Furthermore, many of these measures provide an excellent return on investment for the industry, meaning that we can continue to provide freight and courier services to our customers in the future, whilst also ensuring that we contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.

As a company that takes emissions very seriously, we will be paying close attention to how the European Union’s new guidelines progress. Although the United Kingdom is soon to leave the EU, we will still be able to lead by example and take a leading role in saving our environment from the impact of fossil fuels.

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Don’t panic, Britain has not suddenly floated off into the middle of the Atlantic Ocean!

While the result of the Brexit referendum may have taken many by surprise, not just in the UK, but across Europe, there is one very important thing to understand and which seems to have passed a number of people by. Simply because Britain has voted to leave Europe hasn’t changed the geographical location of this “sceptred Isle”. In other words, where freight to Italy, freight Portugal, freight to Spain and freight to Germany is concerned, there will still be a need for express freight services. Very few businesses are going to cut off their nose to spite their face and refused to do business on a point of principle and, if it really were likely to be a case that Britain would become completely ostracised from the rest of Europe, it is highly unlikely that we would have even had a referendum in the first place.

Lloyds Loading List has an interesting article on how the freight industry is digesting the implications of Britain’s a vote to leave Europe, with particular emphasis being paid to new costs, a number of new restrictions and a whole raft of bureaucratic requirements which could be imposed upon moving goods in and out of Europe where Britain was concerned. One area of particular concern and where a great deal of lobbying will be focused is on national customs, and by this we do not mean clog dancing in Holland, we mean cross-border customs. As a company which specialises in express freight shipping, we will be keeping a very close eye on proceedings.

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has expressed considerable concern, with its chief executive, David Wells, stating that: “Even though we are coming out of Europe politically, it remains our biggest export market and the supplier of a high proportion of our imports. We cannot allow new bureaucratic burdens to hamper the efficient movement of exports heading for customers and imported goods destined for British consumers.

“The government has two years to ensure the conditions currently imposed on other non-EU member states such as Albania and Serbia are not imposed on UK freight flows. Norway and Switzerland have better arrangements but have accepted tough conditions including the free movement of people, so this will be a difficult negotiation.

“Britain may be out of Europe but it’s not out of business and FTA will be leading the campaign on behalf of exporters and importers to keep trade procedures simple and the costs of international transport down.”

Whether or not the UK would have tariff-free trade with the EU would have to be discussed over the next two plus years, while additional issues would include EU road traffic to and from the Irish Republic via Britain.

Here at Plexus Freight we can’t promise to have all the answers but, as nothing is likely to change for at least two years, should you require any reassurance on the current situation, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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Freight shipping in Europe and beyond continues to grow

Whether you are an importer or an exporter in the United Kingdom, it is fair to say that you have been busy as 2016 progresses. While the UK still has a substantial trade deficit with the rest of Europe, the volume of trade is increasing substantially. In the first three months of the year imports to the UK increased by £2.7 billion while exports rose by £2.1 billion. When you consider that imports stand at the figure of £23.8 billion that is a lot of freight shipping!

While Britain tries to work out its exit strategy from Europe, trade between the UK and other member European countries continues apace, as we have witnessed here at Plexus Freight in addition to offering UK-wide express freight shipping services, we also do a tremendous amount of business which involves freight shipping to Italy, freight shipping to Portugal, freight shipping to Spain and also freight shipping to Germany. Beyond this, the UK food industry is responsible for freight shipping across the world too, as can be seen from the included image.

Having been in the freight shipping business for well over 20 years, but still a family-run business, Plexus Freight has witnessed a dramatic increase in the amount of two-way trade between Britain and other European countries since Britain became a member of the European Union. With the breakdown of frustrating cross-country borders and all the associated bureaucracy, express freight shipping allows this to be introduced to many aspects of other countries culture, both in terms of food as well as manufactured goods. While Britain may well be choosing to leave Europe, you cannot put the genie back in the bottle and irrespective of any bureaucratic changes, the UK will continue to do a lot of business with other European countries, especially when you consider that at the moment, the UK imports a quarter of its food from other European countries.

However, this is very much two-way traffic, if you’ll pardon the pun where road freight is concerned, and many of our UK-based clients take full advantage of our express freight shipping to other European countries in order to sell their produce. While here in Britain we have a fascination with goods from other countries, many European countries have a very similar interest in those from Britain, which is good news for all concerned.

If you already have a freight transporter but always have an eye on the bottom line, why not give us a call here at Plexus Freight as we think you might be pleasantly surprised just how competitive we can be on the costs of freight shipping to Spain, freight shipping to Portugal, freight shipping to Italy and freight shipping to Germany.

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Will road hauliers notice a difference in the atmosphere in Portugal?

This may seem like a strange question to ask, and perhaps we are asking it a little tongue in cheek, but aside from all the commotion caused by the U.K.’s Brexit referendum, the other major point of interest in Europe this last month has been footballs European Cup. Many a non-British European has been having a good laugh at England’s expense, wittily observing that with their failing to beat Iceland, England had successfully managed to exit Europe twice in the same week!

On a slightly more serious note, there are bound to be many, many questions asked as to how Britain is leaving the European Union will affect road transport, for example freight to Portugal. At this particular moment in time, Plexus Freight are keen to reassure all our clients that it is very much a case of business as usual, and it will be for quite some time to come. While the vote might have been in favour of a European accent this, logistically, cannot be an overnight event and it could take anywhere between two to four years for any change in legislation to take effect.

As a result, Plexus Freight has no plans to change anything with regard to any necessary rules, regulations or documentation. As for the longer-term effect, nobody can really say for certain what is likely to happen, but where trade is concerned, which has a very direct effect on the road haulage and freight transportation businesses, there is an interesting article in The Guardian newspaper on the potential impact of Brexit.

There will, in time, undoubtedly be changes in rules and regulations, and it is also impossible not to speculate on what will happen with regard to haulage costs, particularly if the pound continues to lose strength against the euro. Fortunately, road haulage can often be a dual-direction business and, as a result it could be possible for businesses connected with freight to Spain, freight to Italy or freight to Germany to negotiate beneficial contracts that will help to offset the weakening of the pound.

The best advice we can give you at the moment if you have any concerns concerning European haulage is to give us a call at Plexus Freight and allow us to put your mind at rest that all is not as disastrous as many would have you believe.

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