Pallet Delivery Austria

We operate daily pallet delivery to Austria and back to the UK allowing us to offer very competitive rates.

Economy & Express Pallet Delivery Austria

The invention of the pallet came back in the 1930’s and instantly became pivotal to how goods and cargo were transported. But not all pallets are equal. The most common pallet used by suppliers in Austria is the Euro pallet defined by the length and width. The length of a standard euro pallet is 120cm and the width 80cm. The height of a pallet can vary though and the height of a pallet is very much dependant on the specific vehicle being used, the most common being a standard tautliner which can carry pallets up to 240cm high. If you need to transport higher pallets we would suggest utilising our mega trailers as these can take pallets up to 300cm high.

Our standard tautliners (the most common used in Italian freight) are 240cm wide this allows us to fit 3 euro pallets side by side. Not only does this maximize space on a trailer but it also mean the cargo is tightly fitted onto the trailer, limiting the risk of movement and damages. Other specialist pallets are used and designed to allow for the cargo being carried whilst some pallets are non-stackable depending on the cargo being transported. At Plexus Freight we take great care in ensuring we get all the information from either you or your supplier to ensure we provide the very best Italian pallet delivery service in the industry.

We utilise hubs and partner depots throughout Austria allowing us to make daily collections meaning your pallets never get left waiting around. These hubs also allow us to provide super-fast express freight services to Austria and back. Our express vehicle can carry up to 10 euro pallets with a maximum payload of 1350kg.

Whether you require a single or multiple pallet delivery we are industry leading in pallet delivery to Austria and from Austria back to the UK. We can even assist you in delivery pallets from Austria to all other European destinations, enquire about our cross trade services to see how we can help your business today.

What We Transport



Oversized Cargo

Loose Goods

Economy Freight

Due to our activity in the ceramics industry we operate daily import and export economy shipping services to and from Austria. It is this daily activity that makes our economy freight service the best and most reliable in the transport industry. With Transit times of 5-6 days you can trust us to handle your price sensitive deliveries.

Express Freight

We provide next day and economy express freight services to and from Austria. We are the time sensitive specialist, seeing your goods delivered safely and on time. We have access to fleets of express vehicles strategically positioned to ensure all your transport requirements are met, and most likely exceeded. Our 24/7 express team are ready to move your cargo.

European Logistics

Our long standing interest in the Austrian logistics sector mean we are the leading freight forwarder to meet all your supply chain requirements, from daily road freight to weekly short sea imports and exports we have a range of shipping solutions. we even operate next day and 3 day air freight services for any time sensitive shipments.

Value Added Services

We provide value added freight solutions that give you that little extra just when you need it. Warehousing, timed and weekend deliveries are just a few of our value added services that will meet your customers every needs. We aim to to be the vital cog in your transport movements.

Our freight to Austria and back to the UK transport services are very competitive, and with daily collections from a large number of pickup points across the country, we can really get your cargo moving in a hurry. With such an established European Logistics system in place, we can offer Austrian freight forwarding services not just on pallets and crates, but also on bulky items, machinery, and manufactured goods. The Autobahns within Austria and the extensive network of superb Alpine tunnels mean that shipping from both North to South and East to West are easy and quick and prove no problem for our team of European transport experts.