There is no escaping the fact that IT and the development of the internet has changed the way we live almost beyond recognition. Twenty years ago we would go into town to buy what we needed and if we couldn’t find it, we wouldn’t be able to buy it, end of story. For goods manufacturers and food producers, if products weren’t supplied to stores and retail outlets, products weren’t sold. It was a system that worked, but it was far from perfect.

Roll forward to today and all this has changed. Rather than go into town to do our shopping for anything other than day-to-day essentials, we go on the internet and look to see who is selling what we want at the cheapest price. As a consequence, shipping and transportation of goods and products have had to become more flexible as the rise of ‘microentrepreneurs’ invades the marketplace.

The shrinking of the globe in terms of communication and access to worldwide markets means that anyone now can source goods in bulk from anywhere in the world, and they do. This in turn has led to the necessity for affordable freight solutions that have adapted to find a way to make delivery of a single pallet of goods an economically viable proposition. And that is where we at Plexus Freight come into the equation.

We provide flexible freight solutions throughout the whole of the UK, Europe and worldwide. We can help you deliver anything from a pallet to a full load, priced according to your budget and delivered at a speed to reflect the level of urgency. We can offer an economy, express or urgent option depending on what is needed.

Our family-owned and run business has grown to the extent where we are now the UK’s leading international freight and express courier company and we have diversified to meet the ever-changing requirements of our customers which enables us to help you move everything from pallets, boxes, documents, crates and loose cargo or machinery to any forms of over-sized cargo.

The world we work in demands constant change and revolutionising in order to keep up with changing trends, so it will be interesting to see what Plexus Freight looks like and the whole road freight business in ten years’ time, as Daimler are championing the introduction of the driverless lorry and expect to have it on our roads by 2025!

So, while you still have the chance to have freight transported by a real person, why not use our simple online form to get a free shipping quote – you will likely be pleasantly surprised by our very affordable rates!