European Sea Freight

European short sea freight solutions with daily collections and regular sailings from Italy, Portugal & Spain.

Since 1995, we have been operating European short sea freight services from our South-West base in Bristol. Our sea freight solutions complement our European road freight services when our clients require a more economical transport solution or need to ship in bulk. We specialise in containers from Italy, Spain and Portugal back to the UK. Having previously been named Ceramic Logistics, we have a long history of importing stone and ceramic goods from these countries and we can offer very competitive rates on 20ft, 30ft, 40ft and 45ft sea containers due to the volumes of cargo we move via our shipping accounts.

We make daily collections in Spain, Italy and Portugal, and ship back to the UK with an average transit time of anything between 8-12 days door to door. As we utilise all the major UK ports, including Felixstowe, Thamesport, Tilbury, Liverpool, Southampton, Bristol, Grangemouth and London Gateway, we can deliver to anywhere in the UK. We are also full set up to assist with any customs from export declarations in the country of origin and import declarations in the country of delivery.

Some of our clients do not have the facilities to offload a container on site. We can, therefore, tranship or devan the container in port and deliver the goods on a standard artic trailer or something smaller if required. We believe it is our attention to detail and 24/7 customer service that sets up apart. With over 20 years of experience and long-standing relationships with the shipping lines, we are well placed to offer the most comprehensive European sea freight solutions in the industry.

As of the 1st of January 2021 customs clearance is now required on all goods entering or exiting Great Britain. Here at Plexus Freight we have been working hard to ensure that all our client requirements are met. We aim to be in a position to offer a full range of custom services that will see goods transported in line with the new regulations. With strategically positioned custom offices throughout Europe, we are able to ship goods quickly and efficiently ensuring that we effectively handle all matters of customs for our clients both in the UK and throughout Europe.
European Sea Freight

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Sea Freight from Italy to the UK

Due to our involvement in the importation of stone and ceramics from Northern Italy to the UK, we offer containerised freight services, including the use of 20ft, 30ft, 40ft and 45ft containers with a transit time of 8-12 days door to door. We like to take all the hassle out of Italian sea freight by handling all your requirements from collection to delivery. We use ports in Italy, such as La Spezia, Bari, Messina, Genoa and many others. This allows us to offer a wide range of sea freight services that cover the whole of Italy.

Sea Freight from Spain to the UK

Our container services from Spain to the UK are very popular, with textiles being the most popular commodity shipped on a weekly basis. As many of our customers are involved in the importation of ceramics and stone, we utilise the port of Bilboa to ship goods to the UK and can offer containers, including 20ft, 40ft and 45ft containers with payloads of up to 26,000 kg. We make daily collections throughout Spain with typical transit times of 10-12 days door to door. We can make deliveries all over the UK, whether they are delivered directly to site or goods transhipped and devanned by using an artic trailer or something smaller if required. Due to the volume of cargo that we import from Spain to the UK, we can often offer very competitive shipping rates whilst also upholding our renowned 24/7 customer service.

Sea Freight from Portugal to the UK

Importing and shipping containers from Portugal to the UK was something that came a little later in the evolution of our business. We developed this area of the business from 2005 due to increasing demand from our clients. As with Spain and Italy, we offer 20ft, 40ft and 45ft containers with a transit time of 10-12 days and can either deliver direct, which means the container gets unloaded at the delivery point, or tranship it in port and use a standard trailer for delivery. We ship from Leixões and Setubal in Portugal and then deliver into many UK ports, including Felixstowe, Thamesport, Tilbury, Liverpool, Southampton, Bristol, Grangemouth and London Gateway.

Container Sizes & Dimensions

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20ft Standard Container

30ft Standard Container

40ft Standard Container

45ft Standard Container

Max. Gross: 30,480 kgsMax. Gross: 33,075 kgsMax. Gross: 30,480 kgsMax. Gross: 30,480 kgs
Max. Payload: 28,110 kgsMax. Payload: 28,400 kgsMax. Payload: 26,740 kgsMax. Payload: 25,780 kgs
Capacity: 33.2 CU.MCapacity: 21.09 m²Capacity: 67.8 CU.MCapacity: 86.0 CU.M
Internal MeasurementsInternal MeasurementsInternal MeasurementsInternal Measurements
Length: 5.9mLength: 8.93mLength: 12mLength: 13.56m
Width: 2.35mWidth: 2.33mWidth: 2.35mWidth: 2.35m
Height: 2.39mHeight: 2.35mHeight: 2.39mHeight: 2.70m

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