Air Freight To Australia FRom The UK

Export freight to Australia with Plexus Freight


Significantly speedier freight than sea, road and rail alternatives.


Strict airline schedules mean cargo arrival and departure times are very reliable.


Strict security measures mean your cargo is well looked after during its transportation.


Global access to locations that other freight solutions cannot easily satisfy.

Why Choose Plexus Freight Air Freight To Australia?

One of the greatest issues faced by UK exporters looking to do business with Australia is the distance. The market is strong. But with ocean transport between the UK and Australia taking a minimum of 50 days, the delay can lead buyers to look to other countries of origin. Especially if you’re dealing with perishable or high-value goods. And that’s why air freight can be such a useful solution. Supporting your business with a range of air freight services, Plexus Freight could provide the answer to all of your cargo movement needs.

Operating across the UK and delivering to all regions of Australia – from central Sydney to far western Perth – Plexus Freight can support your business with a complete door-to-door freight pickup and delivery service. Offering service times that range between 24 and 72 hours (priority) and five to 10 days (standard), as well as a deferred freight service, we can provide a comprehensive trackable logistics solution that will answer the cargo needs of your business.

Some goods are not suitable for carriage by air, with most airlines prohibiting potentially dangerous goods, such lithium batteries, and certain chemicals. These items notwithstanding, we aim to carry as wide a range of cargo as possible. Including a consolidation of goods mixed with other shipments (CONSOL). And we offer the freight solutions suit. Including Delivered at Place (DAP), Delivered Duty Paid (DDP), Free on Board (FOB), Ex-Works (EXW).

Always working to deliver the best value to our customers, we calculate our prices on a shipment-by-shipment basis. But while it is usually the case that the heavier the load the more cost-efficient your transportation will become, it’s important to remember that there are a number of other charges that may influence your final fee. These can include customs brokerage, cargo insurance, documentation fees, airport transfer fees, and warehousing charges, among other things. So, please keep this in mind before making a booking.

When you’re working across such very great distances, freight management can be stressful. Particularly the handling of administration. That’s why we offer a selection of additional freight forwarding services, including the handling of all freight administration, such as the completion of customs documentation. If you need additional support, talk to our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team to find out if we can help.

Unless you’re working with understanding clients and huge volumes of low-cost goods, air freight is the most viable logistics solution when sending goods from the UK to Australia. It is safe, fast, efficient, highly reliable, secure, and flexible. When you add in Plexus Freight’s outstanding service, dedication, and knowledge, there really is no better option to get your freight where it needs to be.

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