Pallet Delivery

Most of the freight that we transport throughout Europe whether imports, exports or cross trades is loaded upon pallets as it is the most durable and convenient way of transport cargo from depots onto logistical transport. The first pallets or skids date back to the 1920’s and have been used in both the European and UK haulage industry ever since. Due to our history in the importation of cargo from Europe including countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal and western Europe we are well versed in dealing with palletised freight cargo whether on standard euro pallets, UK pallets or custom build over-sized pallets.

Our European pallet delivery services not only spans across many countries but also across many differing services such as groupage, full and part loads and short sea freight solutions. We work with both UK and European companies to help with their pallet deliveries and distribution whether it is a single one-off transport or weekly collections from specific suppliers. Over the past twenty-plus years we have developed a network of partner agents and hubs that allow us to offer a flexible and affordable pallet delivery service that not only sees cargo delivered on time and in one piece but also keeping you informed of the status of your shipment.

As of the 1st of January 2021 customs clearance is now required on all goods entering or exiting Great Britain. Here at Plexus Freight we have been working hard to ensure that all our client requirements are met. We aim to be in a position to offer a full range of custom services that will see goods transported in line with the new regulations. With strategically positioned custom offices throughout Europe, we are able to ship goods quickly and efficiently ensuring that we effectively handle all matters of customs for our clients both in the UK and throughout Europe.
Pallet Delivery

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We can assist you with any pallet to Italy, pallet to Spain, Pallet to Portugal, pallet to Germany and any pallet delivery to Western Europe or Poland. We often help our clients with more specific pallet delivery requirements when they need a little more than just A to B. We offer timed collections and deliveries; we can book goods in and meet any specific access or delivery requirements to make sure goods are delivered on time every time.

Why Plexus Freight?

Logistical Solutions

We can assist you with any imports/exports or cross trades using road, sea and Multi-modal services.

24/7 Freight Support

Our dedicated freight specialists are on hand 24/7 to handle any questions or queries you have.

Competitive Pricing

Due to our activity in the logistical sector we are often able to offer the very best freight rates.

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We aim to response to all queries within 30 minutes, meaning you get the answers you need fast.

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From Milan to Bari and everything in between we can assist you with any requirements for full loads, part loads, groupage, sea freight or express transports.


Whether you need an import, export or cross trade movement we can assist you with any full loads, part loads, groupage, sea freight or express transports.


With partner depots in Porto, Lisbon and southern Portugal we operate services including full and part loads, groupage, express freight and sea freight solutions.


By routing freight via our Venlo partner depot we can service the UK market with regular departures for both imports to and exports from Holland.


Owing to a wide range of strategically positioned partner depots and agents we can service all regions of Poland including Warsaw in the East, Poznan in the west, Krakow in the south, and Gdansk in the north.


We specialise in road freight to and from Germany. We offer full and parts loads, groupage and urgent express freight services throughout Germany.


Our agent’s partner depot is based in the north of Switzerland and well placed to handle all imports and exports to and from the UK with minimal fuss. 

Western Europe

Over the years we have managed to expand our operations to include countries in Western Europe, such as Belgium, France, Austria and Scandinavia.


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