Air Freight From China To The UK

Import freight into the UK from the world’s biggests exporters


Significantly speedier freight than sea, road and rail alternatives.


Strict airline schedules mean cargo arrival and departure times are very reliable.


Strict security measures mean your cargo is well looked after during its transportation.


Global access to locations that other freight solutions cannot easily satisfy.

Why Choose Plexus Freight Air Freight From China?

As the world’s largest exporter, the freight market out of China is enormous. But while most cargo is moved via sea, if you need to transport high-value freight between China and the UK in a hurry, air freight is the only answer. And with Plexus Freight, you can be confident of a door-to-door road and air freight service that is tracked at every step of the way. Whether you are operating out of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, or Zhengzhou, Plexus Freight can provide you with a range of air freight services. While standard shipments will take an average of five to 10 days, our priority service will see your goods safely moved from A to B within 24 to 72 hours, with our network of road hauliers picking up where the planes drop off.

While computer products constitute the primary export from China to the UK, and car parts and machinery are the most common goods to make the return journey, we are happy to work with a variety of cargo types. Including a consolidation of goods mixed with other shipments (CONSOL). Our only freight limitations are those stipulated by the airlines we work with – meaning that lithium batteries, some chemicals, and other dangerous goods may require other freight movement methods. Otherwise, we can offer a choice of freight solutions. Including Delivered at Place (DAP), Delivered Duty Paid (DDP), Free on Board (FOB), Ex-Works (EXW), according to your needs. With prices calculated on a shipment-by-shipment basis, based upon weight and destination

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 The Benefits Of Choosing Air Freight From China To The UK


Although weight is the main basis upon which air freight rates are calculated, businesses should also be aware that there may be additional charges linked to your freight. Including customs brokerage, cargo insurance, documentation fees, airport transfer fees, and warehousing charges, among other things.

Managing international air freight can present a range of complications. Especially if you do not have a dedicated freight administrative team working on the ground. That’s why Plexus Freight offers a range of additional services to support our customers. Including the handling of essential freight paperwork. Just get in touch with our dedicated customer support team to find out how we can help.

Sea freight between the UK and China can take anything up to 40 days. With priority air freight, there’s the potential for your goods to reach their destination within a single day (depending upon the time of your booking). But air freight isn’t only fast. It’s flexible, with the space for carriage on both dedicated freight and passenger airlines. Working to a fixed schedule, it is always reliable. The stringent rules of air travel mean that your goods are always safe and secure. And you can send almost any weight or size of cargo – in fact, the more you send, the more cost-effective it becomes. At Plexus Freight, we’ve made a name for ourselves with our European freight services. We are reliable, fast, secure, and always deliver value. With our air freight services, we do the same. Find out more about managing your air freight needs with Plexus Freight.

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