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Plexus Freight provides Worldwide freight solutions using road, air & sea. For over 20 years we have been working closely with our clients to provide industry-leading freight and logistical services from our Bristol base. Our dedicated team of logistical professionals work around the clock, assisting clients with imports, exports and cross-trade movements. We’re the UK freight forwarding company you can trust. We offer first-class door-to-door shipping solutions that make us integral to our customer’s supply chains.


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We aim to respond to all queries within 15 minutes, meaning you get the answers you need fast.


We work with speed and efficiency meaning we are on the ball every time.


Over 25 years’ experience in road, air & sea logistics around the globe.


We take responsibility for all our services meaning we never pass the buck.

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What Do You Need to Know About Sending Freight to Turkey

What Do You Need to Know About Sending Freight to Turkey

Turkey is the UK’s 13th largest goods trading partner, and trade between the two countries is increasing. In 2023, the UK sold £9.9 billion worth of goods to Turkey – a 7.5% increase on the previous year. And £15.9 billion worth of goods made the reverse journey. So,...

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Top Tips for Shipping Freight to Taiwan

Top Tips for Shipping Freight to Taiwan

Air freight is one of the best ways to ship goods long distances. It’s fast, secure, and safe. And depending on your cargo, it can be cost effective. But when you’re sending freight to a new country, there are always hurdles to navigate. So, what do you need to know...

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The Five Don’ts of Air Freight

The Five Don’ts of Air Freight

When you need to move goods a long distance in a limited time frame, air freight is invaluable. It gets your goods securely from A to B as quickly as possible. It’s trackable, and you can send large shipments with little fuss. And as long as you know what you can and...

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