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As a leading UK-based freight forwarding company, Plexus Freight is proud to meet all your freight from China shipping requirements. Whether you’re transporting goods by air or by sea, our expert team is always at your service to meet all your import business needs, and you can rest assured of the competitiveness of our prices.We’re committed to ensuring that both full container load and less container load or pallet delivery from China are as cost-effective and hassle-free as possible for all UK-based companies. We are specialists in handling freight from China to the UK, so you can be confident of reliable delivery to your door at a price you can afford.

In recent years, dropshipping and importing goods from China has been found to offer eCommerce businesses some significant opportunities, enabling them to leverage cost advantages by buying low priced, high-quality goods from China’s many manufacturing hubs and bringing them into the UK for resale. Here at Plexus Freight, we help you to harness this power to benefit your sales activity by offering you our services as an experienced and trusted China freight forwarding company. Partnering with us for your import needs enables you to effortlessly bring merchandise into the UK from China and make an attractive profit.

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The Pros And Cons of Choosing Sea Freight From China To The UK

Whether you need to ship a full container load from China to the UK, or wish to benefit from container sharing to ship a less container load from China into the country, sea freight is the most cost-effective option, especially if you need to ship goods that weigh more than 100kg. Essentially, if you need to import low value, high volume items, our sea freight shipping service is ideal for you. Even better, opting for sea imports from China to the UK is a more eco-friendly option than air freight, allowing your business to reduce its carbon footprint effortlessly.

Yet while there are cost advantages to choosing sea freight from China to the UK, it’s important to bear in mind that this is a slower delivery option whether you choose a full load or a pallet delivery, and you will, therefore, need to plan ahead for sufficient lead time in order for your goods to complete their end to end delivery.

The Pros And Cons of Choosing Air Freight From China To The UK

Although opting for our air freight service from China to the UK is more costly, it is certainly a more rapid option, taking just 6 – 18 days to reach your final delivery location – far less time than the approximate 6-week timeframe applicable to sea freight deliveries. Air freight services are also secure and convenient, with minimal delays and the ability to easily track your consignments, making them an excellent choice for goods that require added traceability or a faster delivery time.

Get in touch with our customer service team now, and you can find out more about the different freight from China options that we can offer you. We’re confident we can give you a highly competitive quote and, of course, you’ll also benefit from our outstanding customer service, so give us a call today.

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