Sea Freight To China

Affordable and reliable sea freight solusions to China from the UK


We utilise all the major UK ports with long-standing relationships with the shipping lines.


Strict schedules mean cargo arrival and departure times are very reliable.


Strict security measures mean your cargo is well looked after during its transportation.


Global access to locations that other freight solutions cannot easily satisfy.

Affordable And Reliable Sea Freight To China

As a trusted UK-based freight forwarding company, you can rely on Plexus Freight for all your sea freight to China needs. Our professional team is on hand to meet your business requirements whether you’re shipping pallets, cartons, or cargo to China, and our prices are exceptionally competitive.

We’re dedicated to making exports to China as simple and cost-effective as possible for UK-based businesses. As specialists in sea freight, Plexus Freight is at your service, offering reliable delivery, entirely hassle-free.

It’s never been more convenient to ship sea freight to China from the UK. We collect your China-bound delivery on your behalf from any mainland UK location. Whether you need us to collect a consignment from your production facility, your stock room or warehouse, we can accommodate your requirements before preparing for the next part of their transportation onwards to their Chinese end point.

We are able to arrange for shipments to be collected by your customers from a Chinese container port, or alternatively, we can arrange onward transit on your behalf from the arrival port to the customer’s address. We’re here to facilitate the delivery of your shipment to its final destination, no matter where that may be in China.


Why Choose Sea Freight To China From The UK

Whether you’re shipping a full container load to China or a less container load to China, our sea freight service is both extremely reliable and highly affordable. When shipping goods weighing over 100 kilos, you’ll find that sea freight will be a cheaper option in comparison with air freight, and this makes it a popular shipping method if you’re exporting goods that are both high-volume and low value.

As an added advantage, you’ll be pleased to discover that sea pallet delivery to China from the UK results in a lower carbon footprint, ensuring it is an eco-friendly choice for businesses that are eager to emphasise an environmentally conscious approach to their operations.

We are able to offer you both part load in shared containers with our pallet delivery, and full load shipping by sea in order to meet all of your sea freight export needs. We’re certain we’ll be able to give you a competitive quote to fulfil your requirements to ship either a full container load or a less container load pallet delivery to China. We’ll also guarantee your shipment’s safe delivery within a 6-week approximate timeframe.

Why Plexus Freight Is The Best Choice For Pallet Delivery To China

When you choose Plexus Freight for your exports, you can be confident that they are in the safest possible hands. With over a quarter of a century of expertise in managing international freight, you can count on us to be professional, reliable, and experienced.

We understand just how stressful putting your export paperwork together correctly, particularly if you have no dedicated freight admin team on the ground, so we go above and beyond, offering additional services that support our valued customers, such as handling the key freight paperwork on your behalf.

Contact our customer service team today to learn more about how we are able to assist you with all your sea freight to China needs and to get your great value quote for the shipments you require.

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