Going from local to national with Plexus Freight

For a good number of businesses in the retail industry, any network of outlets invariably begins with the one single unit. Having established there is a good market for the products you sell, expansion becomes a logical possibility. However, with expansion comes the logistical challenge of balancing your increased purchasing power through being able to order larger quantities of products with the costs of distribution to each individual outlet. Depending on how big you get, thoughts may even turn to obtaining a small warehouse to use as a distribution point.

This obviously commits your business to further and substantial outgoings as, on top of the additional premises you will need to lease or buy delivery vehicles and take on extra staff. This usually only becomes feasible for substantial businesses with many outlets, so what is the alternative? The answer is, Plexus Freight.

The mistake many businesses make with regard to suppliers is accepting the delivery costs suppliers add on top. There is no rule that says you have to use their freight delivery operator and a good number of manufacturers and suppliers will accept collection from an alternative transport company. Better still, where Plexus Freight is concerned, collection and delivery of goods does not have to be to one individual destination. In being able to get products direct to each and every outlet reduces the amount of time between buying products and actually selling them, which is a huge advantage when cash flow is critical.

If you’re importing goods from abroad we can collect them once they have gone through Customs clearance, and have them delivered to the door of each of your outlets within 24 to 48 hours with our express freight service. In being able to offer competitive freight services that are up to 70% cheaper than a number of other UK freight delivery companies, it will soon become apparent why those clients who use Plexus Freight rarely use us just the once. Our business has grown substantially over the last 40 years and one of the principal reasons for this has been through repeat and continued business from a number of highly valued clients.

One thing we cannot stress enough here at Plexus Freight is that while we are a freight transportation company, the word freight does not automatically mean bulk. In other words, we don’t deliver minimum quantity orders and, as a consequence, we can adapt easily and very much according to your needs. To get an idea of what we mean, please feel free to use our online quote form, or if you have any specific questions, please feel free to get in touch with us at any time.

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