Freight to Italy: Frequently Asked Questions

With the continuing brouhaha surrounding ‘Brexit’ we’re receiving a fair few questions relating to European freight. Uncertainty is rife and a lot of people who rely on overseas trade find themselves hesitant, doubtful as to the current status quo and what is expected of them in regards to the transportation of goods.

With that being the case, and having previously covered Spain and Portugal, today we thought that we’d spend a little time going through some of the most frequently asked questions we receive relating to sending freight to Italy.

Sending Freight to Italy – Five Things You Need to Know

1.  Are there any restrictions on what I can send to Italy?

In a word, yes. All countries have customs restrictions. As the UK is still currently within the EU, most of Italy’s restrictions will mirror ours, but it’s still best to check  both UK government guidelines as well as those of Italy. You can find out more here.

2. Do you pay import tax from Italy to the UK?

As things stand, no. The new ‘Brexit Day’ is posited to be October 31st 2019. Until that time (and who knows, maybe after it too!) Britain remains in the EU. As Italy is also an EU member state and one of the EU’s major selling points is that member countries are treated as one large common market where goods can move freely from one country to another, for the present you don’t need to worry about import tax.

3. How can I transport goods from the UK to Italy? Or vice versa?

Freight between Italy and the UK usually takes place via truck. Depending on your requirements, we can offer priority express cargo transport – with a same-day collection – or a slightly slower budget package. Our drivers plan their routes according to prerequisites and traffic. This means that the trucks may travel via ferry or the Channel Tunnel. Either way, we guarantee a safe, secure and professional service.

4. How can I arrange cross-trade freight to Italy?

Plexus has been operating a successful cross-trade service for years. Faster and cheaper than bringing goods back to the UK before shipping them out to international partners, it’s a popular way of doing business. And it’s as simple to organise as any other form of freight. Just visit our contact page or call our service team: 01823 335666

5. How will Plexus Freight’s services change when ‘Brexit’ happens?

Until we know exactly what the UK’s exit from the EU will entail, we can’t answer that in any detail. However, we’ve been working for some time now to ensure that our customers receive as little disruption as possible. We have depots across Europe, and we have contingencies in place that will allow us to rapidly respond to all eventualities. Be assured, that whenever you need us, Plexus Freight will be there.

Transporting goods to Italy – or anywhere else – can be complicated and confusing. Especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Our job at Plexus is to smooth away those complications and make your freighting experience as stress-free as possible. Let us know how we can help you today:

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