Cutting Out the Middle Country: What is Cross Trade Shipping

More than ever before, we are working in a global economy. Even the smallest business, operating from a back bedroom in Somerset, can have customers in multiple international locations. It’s perhaps not surprising then, that an ever-increasing number of companies are seeking to fulfil the needs of customers abroad with goods shipped from other overseas destinations. And, of course, that process becomes far more cost-effective if you don’t have to first bring the goods to your home country. That’s where cross trade shipping comes into play.

What is Cross Trade Shipping?

In the simplest terms, cross trade shipping is the process of sending a company’s good from one destination to another without routing via the home destination. As an example, Plexus Freight could ship goods purchased in Spain by a British company directly to a buyer in Finland without need of docking in the UK en route. This not only saves the client time but money, while helping them to deliver an enhanced degree of customer service.

How Does Cross Trade Shipping Work?

From the client’s perspective, cross trade shipping works in exactly the same way as any other form of cargo movement. You simply need to purchase your goods and arrange collection. From there, you will need to ensure the necessary paperwork is in order for your shipment and tell Plexus where you want the goods to go. Then we will do the rest. If you are booking the value-added service, we can even organise the warehousing of your goods at your destination.

How Long Does Cross Trade Shipping Take?

Plexus Freight operates from locations across Europe on a daily basis. And we have forged strong links with some of the best freight and shipping providers in Europe. This means that we can often collect goods within an hour of booking.

Delivery times can be arranged according to client requirements. Plexus operates an array of cross trade services, including express for time sensitive shipments. This will often allow for a 24-hour service from collection to drop-off, dependant on the distance between the two locations. If you’re in a serious hurry, we can even supply double-manned vans to expedite loading and unloading. Economy shipments are also available for when time is less of an issue.

What Can Be Sent Via Cross Trade?

Short answer, pretty much anything legal and in line with the customs regulations of your selected locations. Plexus will work with pallets, crates, oversized cargo and loose goods. We can even supply forklift trucks if you find yourself without necessary facilities.

Plexus Freight has been moving customer’s goods for decades. We know the best routes to ensure a speedy service. And we know what our customers need for a stress-free freighting experience. We do everything we can to ensure that they receive that.

If you’d like a free quote for your next cross trade shipment please visit our contact page, or call the Plexus customer service team: (+44) 01823 335666

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