Is Groupage the Answer to Affordable European Freight?

Managing overheads is always a priority in business. But with the UK back in recession after more than a decade of relative stability, many businesses are being forced to take further cost-cutting measures. And for those who work in the import/export sector, haulage often represents their largest expenditure. So, what are the options? You can’t stop sending freight, because that’s the very nature of your business. You could look into cheaper logistics suppliers. But that carries the risk of reduced service, compromised security and potentially lessened reliability. Or, you could consider groupage.

Should You Consider Groupage for Your European Freight Needs?

What is groupage?

Groupage is basically the consolidation of multiple groups of compatible cargo from two or more shippers into a single shipment. So, if you need to get your goods from A to B, but don’t have a full truckload and can’t wait until you do, you can share cargo space with another – or several other – congruent merchants sending to approximately the same location.

What are the benefits of groupage?

The primary advantage of sending freight to Europe via groupage is cost. Because you are sharing a truck with other senders, you only pay a percentage of the full consignment rate. And the more shipments to share a container, the more economical the pricing.

How does groupage work?

The apparent limitation of groupage is that it relies on the need of multiple clients to ship from and to the same locations. But when you’re working with a logistics supplier, like Plexus Freight, you benefit from access to a fully established network of strategically positioned partner depots. This allows us to simply consolidate multiple loads, then distribute them once a local base has been reached. All while guaranteeing timely and secure delivery.

When is European freight groupage available?

Plexus Freight offers weekly groupage services to all clients who are unable to complete a full load. And when you’re shipping from Italy, Portugal, Spain and Germany, we can offer multiple departure dates for distribution to the UK every week. If you have any specific requirements or queries, drop us a message or start a live online chat, we’ll find a way to help you.

What if I need special equipment for my shipment?

At Plexus Freight, we’ve worked hard to ensure that we can answer the needs of all of our clients. So, whether you need your goods transported in standard artic trucks or smaller rigid vehicles with tail lifts, we can oblige. We also have Moffats and HIABS available, where required.

If you’re working with the smaller loads of cargo and are looking to reduce your overheads, groupage makes a really economical freight solution. It’s secure, fast and reliable. It just means that your cargo gets some company on its journey from A to B!

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