Is Multimodal Transport a Good Way to Ship Freight from Italy?

When you’re shipping freight from Italy to the UK – or elsewhere – price always has to be a consideration. Being one of the most cost-effective methods of transportation, multimodal freight can be a very appealing solution. And it does carry many benefits. But as with any mode of haulage, there are a number of considerations to make before selecting multimodal transport to carry your freight from Italy.

What Do You Need to Know About Using Multimodal Transport to Ship Freight from Italy?

What is multimodal transport?

Multimodal refers to the method by which your goods are transported. Rather than loading your cargo onto the back of a truck, where it will stay for the entirety of its journey, a multimodal contract will see your goods moved via a variety of transport modes. Usually a combination of road, sea, and rail. In order to manage the transportation in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Is multimodal transport a good way to send freight from Italy?

The answer to this question depends on a number of factors.

Do you have any time constraints?

Multimodal isn’t always the fastest method of transportation. Partly because your freight forwarder will work to find the lowest cost route for you, without risking the security of your goods. And partly because sea and rail transport tend to be more subject to delays. So, if you need to meet a tight deadline, multimodal may not be for you.

Are your goods perishable?

Again, because multimodal transport can be subject to delays, it is not always the best choice for transporting perishable goods.

Are you transporting high-value goods?

Because multimodal transport can expose your goods to multiple inspections and increased handling, high-value goods are not often shipped this way. At least, not without additional security measures.

What are the benefits of multimodal transport?

The primary business benefit of using multimodal freight from Italy is that it can save you money. But it also carries environmental benefits too. Because it makes use of transportation methods that would already be running. Maximising their potential, while avoiding the additional emissions that hiring a dedicated carrier would bring. And this can be a great form of brand differentiation.

Is multimodal freight difficult to manage?

Because the details of your multimodal transit will be handled by your freight forwarder, the transaction is no more difficult to manage than any other transportation. You simply have to book your collection and ensure that you have your paperwork ready. Your freight forwarder will take care of everything else.

Shipping freight from Italy is a relatively easy process. Even post-Brexit, there are few complications to manage. Making your method of transport and the cost of that transport two of your biggest concerns. In many situations, multimodal freight will provide the best solution for your needs. But make sure that you understand what’s involved before making your booking.

To find out more about multimodal transport or shipping freight from Italy, get in touch with Plexus Freight.


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