What’s the Best Way to Send Freight to Italy?

Freight is one of the most important considerations for anyone working in the import/export trade. The speed in which you can get your goods from A to B, and the condition in which they reach their destination can have a serious impact on your company’s reputation. So, it’s an area that deserves much consideration. Both when you’re starting out, and at regular intervals as your business develops.

So, what are the options for sending freight between the UK and Italy? And which is the best for you?

How to Find the Best Way of Sending Freight to Italy for Your Business

Every export business is different. So, finding the right freight option for you will come down to a number of factors:

  • The goods involved, their volume and the frequency with which you’ll require transportation
  • The speed you need to move your goods
  • Where you need your goods to go – not all freighters cover all areas
  • And how much you’re prepared to spend

Freighting options between the UK and Italy

Road freight

Road freight is arguably the most flexible option for goods transportation. As well as transporting goods from depot to port, road freight can also handle the entire journey of most freights, door to door. This means no unnecessary handling, and no unnecessary costs.

Sea freight

Sea freight is one of the cheapest options for the transportation of goods. It’s slower, but you can export a lot more for your money. Sea freight is also one of the most environmentally friendly options for moving freight. It generates only 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions annually, compared to the 13% caused by aviation.

Air freight

Of all the freighting options, air freight is by far the most expensive choice. In fact, it averages four to six times more costly than sea freight. Partly because it’s billed by weight. And partly because VAT and duty are typically higher on air freight. But it is measurably faster.

Rail freight

The main benefit of sending freight by rail is that you can work to a rigid and guaranteed timetable… The main drawback of this is that you have to work to a rigid timetable! But transportation is quick and can be cost effective when you’re dealing with large loads and long distances. For shorter distances, road freight often presents a cheaper and more efficient option. And removes the need for the double handling of goods.  

What types of freight can I send between Italy and the UK?

At Plexus Freight, we carry everything from loose cargo to pallets, crates, and oversized goods by road. Before booking, check the European Tax and Customs Union or UK government guidelines, dependent on destination, to be sure that you are not potentially dealing with prohibited or restricted items.

The services Plexus Freight runs between Italy and the UK

Plexus Freight has been operating in Italy since 1995. We service Milan, Southern Italy, Tuscany and Central Italy, Verona and the North East, and Bologna, running the following services.

Plexus Freight has an established history within the import/export business. We can help with warehousing, timed deliveries, specialist movements and a full range of other freight forwarding solutions, including finding ways to keep your deliveries moving during the restrictions of the pandemic.

If you’re looking to streamline your haulage system, change your freighter, or simply wish to discuss your options, get in touch to see how we can help.

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