Can You Send Road Freight to Switzerland?

Switzerland presents a strong market for UK exporters. In 2021, the value of trade goods exported from the United Kingdom to Switzerland was approximately 39.65 billion U.S. dollars (£30.50 billion). And while the market tends to fluctuate, it currently seems to be on an upwards trend, making it an interesting proposition for exporters. But how easy is it to transport goods between the UK and Switzerland?

Sending Road Freight Between the UK and Switzerland

A few facts about trade between the UK and Switzerland

  • According to the United Nations COMTRADE database on international trade, Switzerland is currently one of the UK’s top five most valuable trade partners.
  • The goods the UK exports to Switzerland vary from medical equipment to vehicles. Our top three areas of export are: Chemicals, plastics, and associated products. Electronic equipment. And machines, engines, and pumps.
  • Trade between the UK and Switzerland has not been interrupted by Brexit, with a Free Trade Agreement being established long before the UK officially left the EU.

What are the options for sending freight to Switzerland?

Plexus Freight has been carrying goods between the UK and Switzerland since 2016. Already serving a thriving network of businesses throughout Italy, Switzerland was an obvious choice when it came to expanding our territory. And we now offer a full range of freight forwarding solutions in Switzerland. These include:

Full and part loads

With a range of different trailer types to accommodate a full remit of goods, we can transport both full and part loads between Switzerland and the UK. With a typical door-to-door transit time of 48 hours. And cross-trade from Switzerland to other European destinations also available.

Express shipping

The Plexus Freight Express haulage desk operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This service is available for full and part loads. And it typically involves transit times of between one and three days, depending on the destinations involved. In many instances, we will be able to load your goods within hours of you making the booking. And, working out of hours and weekends, we ensure that we always get your goods where they need to be, when they need to be there.


Ideal for smaller businesses, or exporters that specialise in smaller sized goods, groupage is the consolidation of compatible goods from multiple companies into a single load. The benefit for the customer is that you can secure a premium service for a more cost-effective price point. Our groupage services run twice a week, making it a suitable choice for all but the most time-sensitive shipments.

Freight forwarding services

Customs obligations are often daunting for exporters. Perhaps especially so since Brexit. That’s why we offer a selection of customs services for all shipments between the UK and Switzerland.

If you’re sending goods between Switzerland and the UK, road freight is typically the most cost-effective option. It’s reliable, secure, trackable (if you use the right carrier), and it can be very fast. So, if you’re new to importing to or exporting from Switzerland, road transport is very much worth considering for your freight movement.

To find out more about transporting goods between the UK and Switzerland, get in touch with Plexus Freight.




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