Express freight shipping takes on a whole new meaning


If you ask us here at Plexus Freight if we do express freight delivery, our answer to you will be maybe. That maybe depends on your interpretation of the word “express”. If you are asking if we offer a rapid freight delivery service, then the answer most definitely is yes. We do express freight delivery throughout the whole of the UK, Europe and worldwide express freight delivery too. The problem might come from a miscommunication, or misunderstanding with regard to whether instead you might have been asking if we deliver express trains. The answer to that is a resounding no.

That type of express freight delivery is best handled by different experts to Plexus Freight. However, in this instance it would seem that ‘experts’ was perhaps a word loosely interpreted based on the results of this express freight delivery. There again, on the basis the means of delivery was speeded up considerably by simply dropping the locomotive at the point of delivery, this truly was an express express freight delivery in every sense of the word.

What perhaps amused us most about this incident, apart from the obvious – well you have to laugh once you have stopped wincing – was when we did a little research on the internet to find out what actually happened and what the reaction of others was. We made the mistake of going to as this accident occurred in Australia, but what we discovered is that ‘trainspotters’ really are a breed unto themselves as the first comment was helpful, but the subsequent comment made it clear that the devil is in the detail where talking about trains is concerned:

“A brand new American Engineered EMD GT46C-ACe was dropped while being unloaded from the cargo-ship at dock. Not sure of the root cause yet but this one is going to be expensive to fix. The frame is certainly broken and every rotating apparatus can be deemed scrap.”

Next comment:

“Progress Rail have now re-classed this one as a GT46C-ACHe.”

Now that really makes all the difference and here we all breathed a massive sigh of relief that it wasn’t the EMD GT46C-Ace that we first thought as that really would have been a disaster!

We promise that our express freight delivery service is appreciably more reliable and we pride ourselves on the reputation we have continually been building since the company started forty years ago. So, if you want to know more about our express freight delivery – providing it is not a locomotive you want us to deliver – please do get in contact with us.

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