Freight industry more efficient than ever, say DfT officials

A new report by the Department for Transportation puts a very positive light on the freight and courier services industry, suggesting that overall efficiency has improved. The UK’s road freight industry was found to have grown in the past year, yet haulage companies were able to take more trucks off the road. This is a positive step towards better environmental practices and great news for freight companies who want to improve overall cost-efficiency.

In 2015, there was a huge 12% rise in the amount of goods being transported on British roads. Road freight accounts for three-quarters of all movement of UK goods, so this is a big rise in deliveries overall. Experts attribute the demand for logistics to a connected marketplace, with more national and global trading of goods and materials. The boom in online shopping and subsequent delivery demand from consumers has also put pressure on the delivery markets: products are now shipped far and wide as people expand their buying habits through the internet.

With all this extra productivity, you would expect a rise in haulage vehicles on the roads. However, the DfT report revealed a far more surprising statistic along with that 12% market boost: HGV use only rose by 9% in the same year. That 3% margin is a crucial one – it suggests that logistics efficiency has increased overall. With growing concerns over the environmental impact of haulage and freight services – plus a promise from the industry to work on its carbon emissions – the news from the DfT’s report is certainly very welcome. Experts say that, while road freight might reduce slightly to push down its environmental impact, it will always remain the strongest arm of the logistics market and an important part of UK industry.

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