Freight shipping in Europe and beyond continues to grow

Whether you are an importer or an exporter in the United Kingdom, it is fair to say that you have been busy as 2016 progresses. While the UK still has a substantial trade deficit with the rest of Europe, the volume of trade is increasing substantially. In the first three months of the year imports to the UK increased by £2.7 billion while exports rose by £2.1 billion. When you consider that imports stand at the figure of £23.8 billion that is a lot of freight shipping!

While Britain tries to work out its exit strategy from Europe, trade between the UK and other member European countries continues apace, as we have witnessed here at Plexus Freight in addition to offering UK-wide express freight shipping services, we also do a tremendous amount of business which involves freight shipping to Italy, freight shipping to Portugal, freight shipping to Spain and also freight shipping to Germany. Beyond this, the UK food industry is responsible for freight shipping across the world too, as can be seen from the included image.

Having been in the freight shipping business for well over 20 years, but still a family-run business, Plexus Freight has witnessed a dramatic increase in the amount of two-way trade between Britain and other European countries since Britain became a member of the European Union. With the breakdown of frustrating cross-country borders and all the associated bureaucracy, express freight shipping allows this to be introduced to many aspects of other countries culture, both in terms of food as well as manufactured goods. While Britain may well be choosing to leave Europe, you cannot put the genie back in the bottle and irrespective of any bureaucratic changes, the UK will continue to do a lot of business with other European countries, especially when you consider that at the moment, the UK imports a quarter of its food from other European countries.

However, this is very much two-way traffic, if you’ll pardon the pun where road freight is concerned, and many of our UK-based clients take full advantage of our express freight shipping to other European countries in order to sell their produce. While here in Britain we have a fascination with goods from other countries, many European countries have a very similar interest in those from Britain, which is good news for all concerned.

If you already have a freight transporter but always have an eye on the bottom line, why not give us a call here at Plexus Freight as we think you might be pleasantly surprised just how competitive we can be on the costs of freight shipping to Spain, freight shipping to Portugal, freight shipping to Italy and freight shipping to Germany.

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