Germany’s Biggest Exports

Known as the superpower of Europe, Germany is the UK’s second largest export market for goods and services. And was the UK’s second largest trading partner in 2019, accounting for more than 10% of all UK trade. In the typical year, Germany exports more than £78 million of goods to the UK. And buys almost £57 million of British goods in return. Brexit or no, Germany’s value to the UK is immense. And the opportunities it presents to British exporters are equally so. But what is that Germany has that Brits want so much?

What do you need to know about trading with Germany?

The fact that Germany shares borders with nine different countries, probably goes some way towards explaining its historic strength when it comes to trade. Before the advent of mass and air transport, it had unparalleled access to significant markets. Today, its main strength is the desirability of its goods. With a reputation for quality and strong workmanship, the country boasts the fourth-largest economy worldwide. And that can make Germany seem like something of a seller’s market. But there is plenty of opportunity for the savvy exporter.

Germany’s most important exports

In 2019, the main exports of Germany were:

  • Machinery, computers and electrical machinery/equipment accounted for 28.2% of Germany’s total exports in 2019, bringing in a value of more than US$419.4 billion and making it the most valuable export category for the country.
  • In second place, vehicle exports brought in $243.7 billion (16.4%)
  • Pharmaceuticals accounted for 6.1% of trade (US$90.4 billion)
  • Germany exported US$79.3 billion of optical, technical and medical apparatus (5.3%)
  • Plastics made up US$63.2 billion (4.3%)
  • Aircraft and spacecraft were the sixth most important export, generating US$42.3 billion of trade (2.8%)
  • Oil and other mineral fuels accounted for 2.3% of exports (US$34.2 billion)
  • While exports of articles of iron or steel added $31.3 billion to Germany’s economy (2.1%)

How to export goods from Germany with Plexus Freight

Plexus Freight began operating daily freight delivery and collection services between the UK and Germany in 1995. During the last 25 years, we’ve increased the number of routes we cover to include Bavaria and the south of Germany, Berlin and Brandenburg, Frankfurt and the west, Dresden and the south east, and Hamburg and the north.

Throughout these areas we operate a range of services, including weekly groupage services, full and part loads and express solutions. In certain circumstances, we can even offer next day delivery. And we can accommodate everything from loose goods to full loads and large machinery.

To book your next freight delivery to or from Germany, contact Plexus Freight today.

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