Groupage Freight Spain

Groupage freight shipping consolidates compatible shipments into a single truck load of cargo; many compatible shipments are grouped together to create one shipment.

Groupage Freight Shipping to Spain: Consolidate Compatible Shipments

At Plexus Freight we operate a daily groupage service for businesses needing a cost effective and reliable freight shipping service. Groupage freight is a specific method of freight shipping that consolidates compatible shipments into a single truck load of cargo; many compatible shipments are grouped together to create one shipment. In order for this to work the consolidated shipments or cargo will be destined for one regional area or country.
For cargo going to islands, such as Sicily or Majorca, multi-modal containers are used.

Groupage throughout Europe can vary in terms of transit times depending on a few factors. The volumes of cargo that are transported to the specific country or area can effect transit time along with how much a certain region or country is serviced. You can imagine that if there are large volumes of cargo being shipped to one area, more trucks or containers will be needed to service the region or country. Typically you can expect transit time for this mode of transport to range from 5-8 days.

Many of our clients do not have access to forklifts at either the collection or delivery points. We work alongside European suppliers who operate tail lift vehicles that can lower your cargo to the floor or raise it up onto the vehicle. Please ensure that you inform us that you do not have a forklift and we will arrange the availability of a suitable vehicle. This allows us to provide a unrivaled door to door economy freight solution.

We operate economy freight to most of the European state countries. Even if we don’t operate a groupage freight service to a particular region we will be able to find you an economical freight solution that will fit your requirements. we operate in then following countries: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

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Disadvantages of Groupage

Goods may be handled several times on their journey, using groupage freight, as it harnesses and utilizes European transport hubs and depots. Cargo is collected locally and transported to the central hub. From there it will be transshipped onto a vehicle heading to the country or region of choice. Once there the goods are taken to the central hub and finally transported to the local depot near the destination point. All of this cargo handling can lead to your goods being handled anything up to eight times depending on the shipment’s destination. This form of shipping is an economical shipping solution therefore the transit times are always slightly longer than regular direct shipments.