Italy’s Biggest Exports

Whether you’re looking to start an import/export business, or seeking a new territory to work with, it can be handy to know a little about what other people are doing and what your intended market is known for. As one of the UK’s major trading partners, Italy holds a lot of potential for anyone looking to expand their portfolio.

What do you need to know about trading with Italy?

Bordering France, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia, you’ll know Italy for its mountainous terrain. It’s not a landscape conducive to agriculture, and this has strongly influenced its productivity. Making manufacturing Italy’s core economic stronghold, and the heart of its international trade.

So, as the world’s 9th largest exporter, what is it that Italy sells to the rest of the world?

Italy’s most important exports

The main exports of Italy are:

  • Precision machinery, including computers – this made up 19% of Italy’s exports in 2019.
  • Vehicles. Italy exported US$41.4 billion worth of vehicles between 2018-2019.
  • Pharmaceuticals made up 6.3% of the country’s total exports.
  • Electrical machinery and equipment (6%).
  • Plastics and plastic products contributed UD$21.3 billion to Italy’s economy.
  • Metals and metal products including articles of iron or steel was Italy’s 6th most important export in 2019.
  • Mineral fuels including oil (3.3%).
  • Gems and precious metals made up 2.9% of exports.
  • Furniture, including prefabricated buildings was the ninth most lucrative export category.
  • Lastly, bringing in US$13.8 billion, clothing and footwear accessories accounted for 2.6% of Italy’s 2019 exports.

More than half of Italy’s products are exported to other European Union countries. But its most important trading partners are considered to be Germany, France, United States, Switzerland, and Spain.

How to export goods from Italy with Plexus Freight

Plexus Freight has been operating throughout Italy for more than 25 years. We cover five core Italian areas – Milan, Southern Italy, Tuscany and Central Italy, Verona and North East and Bologna – with regular departures and a full range of services. We’re happy to take part loads as well as full, and we can offer express delivery for those time-sensitive shipments. We’re also happy to manage cross-trade cargo, groupage and multi-modal freight.

Italy is the UK’s 10th most important trade partner. It provides a wealth of opportunity for anyone seeking to expand their export portfolio, or begin a new trade venture.

If you’re looking to begin working in Italy and need a reliable freight forwarder to take care of your cargo requirements, contact Plexus Freight for a fast and dependable service at competitive prices.

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