How might Brexit affect Plexus Freight?


Plexus Freight specialises in national and international freight shipping, including express freight shipping. With the UK being part of the European Union we are heavily involved in providing services to all the countries throughout Europe and we are involved in a considerable amount of freight shipping to Italy and freight shipping to Germany. One of the questions on many people’s lips at the moment is how British businesses might be affected if Britain decides to leave the European Union.

Where we are concerned, we feel that it is unlikely to have a great effect on the amount of freight shipping to Italy and freight shipping to Germany that we do because we have a good number of well-established contracts with valued clients. Their businesses will still continue to ship abroad and as Plexus Freight have established themselves as a reliable and cost-competitive company we would hope that relationship will continue.

If there is one area of concern, it could be the possible down valuation of the pound, though if that is the case it will become something that affects the whole of the UK and not just one or two individual companies. We can actually see an increase in the amount of freight shipping to Italy and freight shipping to Germany that we do because UK products, whether they are perishable or manufactured, will become cheaper to buy for those whose currency is the euro.

Where we also believe we will score heavily is a freight shipping company is through our express freight service where our clients rely very heavily on both our reliability and also our delivery speed. For certain companies the speed of delivery can often be a deal breaker and therefore express freight shipping becomes an invaluable service.

In addition, unlike a number of international freight shipping companies, we have a much lower minimum shipping quantity. Where certain companies will not look at anything under half a dozen pallets, we are happy to ship loads of a quarter pallet. This is particularly useful for companies who are looking to break into the overseas market and whose orders, to begin with are going to be smaller. We like to support those businesses on the basis that if we can help them to succeed and expand, the volume of business we do with them will also expand.

If you want to learn more about the cost of freight shipping to Italy, freight shipping to Germany or any other European country, make sure you give us a call here at Plexus Freight.

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