Our Specialist European Freight Services Explained

If your business relies upon sending freight to Europe, finding the right freight service is integral. But when you’re looking from the outside in, it’s not always easy to determine what each service offers. Or which service is right for you. So, in this post, we’re going to talk you through our five most popular European freight services.

Sending Freight to Europe: Our Most Popular Specialist Services

Express freight

Some shipments just can’t wait. That’s why our express haulage desk works 24/7, helping you to transport everything from single pallets to multiple loads at short notice and rapid speed. Depending on the origin and destination, express freight can take between 24 hours and three days to be completed. But with live tracking, you always know where your cargo is, and you can always keep your customers informed.


You know when you’ve got a part load to ship, but your customer needs it sooner rather than later? You face having to pay for a half-load and sucking up the expense, or annoying your customer with late delivery. That’s where groupage comes in. By consolidating your cargo into a compatible shipment with other clients’ goods going to a similar destination, you can keep your costs down and your service up. Your freight forwarder will handle the organisation and compatibility checks. You gain a reduced price point. And your customer received their goods when they want them.

Multi-modal freight

Multi-modal freight is the process of transporting your goods from A to B using a variety of transportation methods. Best for deliveries that are not time-sensitive, your freight forwarder takes care of all of the admin, helping you to secure the most economic movement of your goods. This may mean that they begin their journey by truck, transfer to ship, continue by train, and are picked up by a truck to complete the final leg of the journey. This service won’t suit every customer. And it certainly isn’t suited to those requiring rapid transportation. But if you’ve got a bit of time and you’d rather keep the budget down, multi-modal freight is an excellent solution.

Cross-trade shipping

If you wish to transport goods from one non-UK destination to another, without bringing your goods home first, then cross-trade shipping is for you. The quickest and easiest solution to international shipping for UK-based businesses, cross-trade is cost-effective, and helps to avoid unnecessary tax and paperwork. And because it’s faster, it allows you to deliver better service to your clients.

Other freight services

Of course, as well as specialist freight services, we provide a core of standard freight options. We offer road freight services for all imports, exports, and cross-trade movements. Sea freight from/to all the major UK ports and a variety of European destinations. Pallet delivery across Europe. And full and part loads, available to leave daily.

Plexus Freight has been operating in the UK since 1995. Throughout the last 27 years, we’ve built strong relationships with a range of European partners. As well as an in-depth understanding of how to help our customers through the sometimes-choppy waters of European freight management. Providing a professional and friendly service, we can help you with all of your European freight needs.

For more information, get in touch with Plexus Freight.

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