Problems with late deliveries can affect your whole business, not just one customer

Since the revolution of online shopping has hit us, logistics and the emphasis placed on prompt delivery have had to adjust accordingly. Twenty years ago if a product wasn’t in store it couldn’t be sold. Yes, it was frustrating for a would-be purchaser, but no money changed hands and there was no ensuing anxious wait for an item to be ‘back in stock’. When Amazon first hit the marketplace, part of its success came from overcoming what was perceived to be a problem. If you bought a book in a bookshop, you had it there and then, there was no delay. Amazon were clever. They fought hard to overcome that problem with next-day delivery. In fact, that in itself was a novelty as the only thing similar to Amazon was shopping from a catalogue.

What shook the world of catalogue ordering is that the majority of outlets were offering a 5 to 7-day delivery period. To be able to order a book from Amazon, and now being able to order everything including the kitchen sink, and have it arrive on your doorstep the next day is what matters as much as the price. Do we want to buy something on the high street today, or have it delivered next day and at a lower price? We have become a society where we want efficiency and speed where it comes to being able to make purchases, but we have forgone the instant gratification for a 24-hour one. However, if we let customers down on delivery, the damage can be greater than you might realise.

As a consequence, whatever the size of your business, customer service and prompt delivery are what will likely see you get repeat business and strong recommendations. Social media is the new ‘gossip’ and while it can be harmful if you disappoint customers, it can be hugely beneficial if you deliver on your promises. And that is what we are here to help you achieve at Plexus Freight. No matter the size of the load, from a parcel to 20 pallets, or more, we can and will ensure worldwide delivery in an easily trackable and reliable way. Perhaps it is because, despite our size, we have remained a family-run business we are able to stay in touch with the ‘shop floor’ and we do not offer a service run by an accountant in an office. We know the world of logistics inside out and haven’t lost contact with our humble-beginnings roots.

So why not get in touch, or if you want a quick quote, why not use our online Freight Shipping Quote page to let you know what we can achieve for you and how much it will cost.

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