UK Transport Company – Benefits of a Freight Exchange

UK transport service providers and the transport service industry in general, is currently seeing a pretty substantial boom, which many believe is down to much more than just the economy beginning to pick up. A UK transport company covers a wide range of different services and works in a number of different industries. Road haulage and goods transportation for example, have been a staple part of British culture and industry for many decades now, as without them, working lives as we know it would grind to a halt.

These tireless and often thankless drivers cover more miles in a week than some people would cover in an entire year, driving up and down the country, delivering anything and everything wherever they may be required. For transport companies and haulers, a freight exchange could prove highly beneficial. These exchanges are services based online, that basically allow UK transport service workers and providers to search online for haulage and transportation jobs and advertisements. Here’s a look at three of the benefits of using an online freight exchange.

Less ‘Dead Mileage’

One of the best things about using an online freight exchange from your UK transport company is the fact that dead mileage can be turned into what is known as revenue mileage. You see, once a company delivers their goods from one part of the country to the other, when they return back they will be empty, meaning that they are basically just burning fuel and therefore burning money. Did you know for instance, that nearly 30% of all trucks you see on the road are empty, meaning that the miles they’re clocking up are classed as being dead miles. With a freight exchange however, these drivers can plan their jobs so that on the return route of their jobs, they can find back loads for the return parts of their journeys, thus drastically reducing dead mileage, and increasing revenue mileage in the process.

UK transport company

Find Work Easier

Another great thing about an online freight exchange is the fact that UK transport service providers and road haulage workers in general, can find work much easier by searching the thousands upon thousands of job listings that are available on a daily basis. They can narrow down their searches and filter results by categories such as: goods, or even the vehicles being used in general. Whether it’s full loads, courier loads, part loads, wide loads, or anything else, finding the work out there has never been easier.

New Business Relationships

Finally, the last reason why any road haulage companies may wish to give serious thought to using an online freight exchange is the fact that they allow them to potentially build new business relationships, and possibly even partnerships in the near future as well. Say for example, a company posts a job advertisement online in which they require certain goods to be transported quickly, safely, and efficiently from one part of the country to another, and your company happens to answer the job ad. Providing you do a good job, if the company is impressed, they will be far more likely to use you again, and again, eventually allowing you to become regulars of theirs and establish a strong working relationship in the process.

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