Why Cheap Pallet Delivery Matters but is Not the Only Consideration

Chances are, if you’re looking to transport bulk goods either around the UK or overseas, one of the first things you’ll do is type ‘cheap pallet delivery’ into Google. Why wouldn’t you? You’re running a business; overheads matter. Of course you want to spend as little as possible.

BUT. You also want your goods delivered on time. And in good condition. Otherwise, why bother sending them at all? So, what do you need to consider before selecting your freight provider?

Things to Think About Before Booking Cheap Pallet Delivery

1. How important is this delivery to my business?

People ship pallets for all sorts of different reasons. It can be a one-off venture. Or it can be an integral part of a company’s business model. For the most part, a reliable service is necessary, especially if freight is a key element of the company infrastructure. If reaching your KPIs and ensuring customer satisfaction relies upon the timely delivery of well-maintained goods, you may need to consider more than the price you’re being asked to pay before making a booking.

2. What are you transporting?

There are some things that can be transported with very little care. Second-hand clothing and recycling, for example. Although they need to be shipped with the correct paperwork and you don’t want them scattered across the motorway, it doesn’t really matter if they get bumped around a little bit. Or if they’re delayed in transit. Under these circumstances, the cheapest service available might be a good thing. But when you’re working with perishables, fragile, or time-sensitive goods, it’s worth looking at your options.

What Should You Look for in a Cheap Pallet Delivery Service?

Transparent pricing

In freight as in every other sphere, it’s easy to get hoodwinked by an apparently exceptional price point. It might be dishonest, but it’s not illegal to draw in customers with a low fee, only to pile on the caveats in the small print. Look for a company with a clear pricing structure from the off. It’ll save you time and money in the long run. Ask Plexus for a quote today.

Operational safeguards

Does the freighter have an established service network? Is it just a one or two-man band, or are they working broadly, consistently and constantly? Can they offer contingencies if things go wrong? Do they know of suitable alternative routes in the event of road closures? Are spare trucks available in case of breakdowns? What is their operational response to equipment failure en route?  At Plexus, we keep our prices down through our advanced logistics network. We have established depots across Europe, and vehicles leaving daily, which means that we’re never far away from clients. If you’re working with a company where this is not the case, you need to know how cheap pallet delivery is able to be offered.

Service options

Does the freighter work on a one-size fits all basis, or can they provide a range of service options depending on your needs? And if your demands change/grow, can the company accommodate? Plexus Freight, for example, offers economy, express and economy express options. We can also provide you with the use of a forklift truck if you don’t have one on site. And we can tailor our overall service to meet your specific requirements.

Service infrastructure

Anyone can make guarantees and promises. But does the company you’re working with have the infrastructure to back up their claims? Airtight scheduling, 24-hour customer service and booking systems, a comprehensive IT setup. Can you track your goods? Can they help when things go wrong? Or provide additional services if you wish to offload responsibility? These are all things that the modern freighter should deliver. There’s so much more to it than the old ‘man with a van’ business model. At Plexus Freight, we take pride in going that extra mile without an attendant price hike.

Cheap pallet delivery can be done carefully, effectively and in a timely manner. But not all companies have the scruples to do it that way. So, look before you leap. And check the small print before you sign your contract. That way you’ll make sure that you are getting exactly what you paid for, without any nasty surprises.

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