Why Choose Air Freight for Your International Cargo Movement

More than 52 million metric tons of goods are moved by air freight every year. It’s not the most popular transportation method. In fact, it constitutes less than 1% of world trade by volume. But when it comes to moving expensive goods, or handling time constraints, air freight is not to be beaten.

This is why we think you need to consider air freight for your next international cargo movement.

Five Reasons to Choose Air Freight for International Cargo


If you want to move goods from Los Angeles to London or Bristol to Phuket in any window of time less than 40 days, air freight is your only real answer. With standard air freight taking between five and 10 days, and priority shipping available in as little as 24 hours (if you choose the right service), there really is no viable alternative for moving time-sensitive goods.


Road and sea freight have a range of advantages. But they can both be subject to environmental and other external disruption. Which can impact reliability. The aviation industry works to such a regimented schedule that it is very rare for disruptions to occur. So, if you have promised a client that your goods will move between China and the UK and be with them by a certain date, you can absolutely guarantee it will be with air freight.


Again, the strict regulations that apply to aviation are of massive benefit to importers and exporters. Cargo is intensely monitored for safety purposes. It is securely stored for the same reason. And due to the nature of the transportation, it receives marginal handling. Meaning the potential for tampering, theft, and damage are all dramatically reduced.


Air freight has the greatest reach of all types of cargo transportation. Because even the most remote locations can be accessed via air. And when you combine air freight with road freight, as is offered by Plexus Freight, you can achieve unparalleled door to door service.


Tracking is becoming increasingly important in freight movement. It not only allows importers and exporters to keep their clients fully informed. But it enables them to keep an eye on their goods. To ensure that nothing is left behind. And no packages go awry. Almost all of Plexus Freight’s transportation solutions carry onboard tracking. Our carefully selected international partners do the same. While your Airway Bill number will allow you to track the progress of your goods while in flight. Giving you a complete picture at all times.

Plexus Freight is well known for its fast and reliable range of European freight solutions. But there are times when you need to send or receive goods to a more distant territory. And there are times when speed is of the absolute essence. And that is where air freight comes into its own.

Get in touch with Plexus Freight to find out more about our global air freight solutions.

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