Why It’s Better to Use Road Transport for Your Freight from the Netherlands

When your business relies upon the movement of freight, you have a lot of considerations concerning your mode of transport. Cost is always going to be relevant. As is timeliness. But there are other things to factor in. These are our top reasons why we think road transport is the best way to move goods to or from the Netherlands.

Five Reasons Why It’s Better to Use Road Transport for Your Freight from the Netherlands

Road transport is cost-effective

Air freight may be faster. But road freight will always be cheaper. Regardless of distance. This is because trucks require little in the way of dedicated infrastructure to function. They’re also cheaper to run and cheaper to maintain than other modes of transport.  So, although cost isn’t your only concern, it is very much worth your attention.

Door-to-door service

Road transport is the only way to move freight with a guaranteed door-to-door service. Quite aside from convenience, which is an important consideration on its own, this also allows for increased security, as goods do not pass through multiple hands. It can also reduce the potential for shrinkage and damage, as the goods remain in one container from collection to delivery.


Only road transport has the agility to respond to changing conditions and demands. If your freight needs change, a road transporter can usually accommodate your needs with little fuss. If weather or traffic conditions make sending freight from the Netherlands via the standard route difficult, only road transporters can reroute. Road transport is agile from its very nature. And agility is always a plus.


Carrying on from the above, road transport also offers greater flexibility. There are fewer limits on the types of goods you can transport by road. With full loads, part loads, groupage, and express freight, you have a variety of services to choose from. And you have more flexibility in the size of your transportable goods. With specialist trucks being able to handle anything from boxes of nuts and bolts to heavy machinery.


If you work with a reliable freight forwarder, you will always be able to track your freight when using road transportation. Contemporary fleet management software and GPS work together to ensure that your goods never disappear off the radar. It also means that your service provider has the wherewithal to manage potential problems, without delaying your shipment. Such as rerouting for road closures.

Despite the many other options now available, road transport remains the most popular way to move freight around Europe, including the Netherlands and UK. Fast, efficient, and flexible, it provides the service you need to keep your business moving.

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