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Monthly Archives: March 2016

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Delivery charges can make or break a business

It is now a well-known fact that today, over 70% of consumers will use the Internet to carry out research on a product they intend to purchase. While part of that research will include investigating product specifications, it will also include feedback in reviews and, probably most important of all, if the results of research ticks all the boxes, offering the best purchase price will usually seal the deal.

To give you an example, if you go on eBay and look for petrol generators, the prices can appear quite attractive and it is possible to pick up a petrol generator that would equate to approximately a quarter pallet load in size for around £200. However, when you look at the cost of shipping, you have to add another £80 to the cost of the item. Of course we understand that eBay’s fee structure is based on the sale price of a product and not the cost of shipping, so there is an incentive to lower the price of the product and increase the shipping cost.For the savvy online shopper, that purchase price will include the cost of delivery, though for the online retailer they have the option of selling a product with ‘free’ delivery, or marketing a product at a far more competitive price, but with the cost of delivery on top. Of course we all know there is no such thing as ‘free’ delivery, the cost is built into the purchase price and therefore whichever option a retailer chooses, their choice of delivery company becomes as critical as the choice of product supplier.

In being able to use Plexus Freight for larger sales items, are affordable freight solutions can enable you to strike a happy medium, and by that we are not suggesting this you go out and punch a smiling clairvoyant in the face! It is about being able to offer highly competitive and all-inclusive prices for products you are selling that will also help to add to your reputation for transparency in all your business dealings. If you happen to be an Amazon Marketplace trader, you then have the added advantage that when comparing price options for the same product, they list all prices with the inclusion of delivery costs.

It may be that you don’t consider your business large enough to merit using the services of a freight delivery company, but rest assured that here at Plexus Freight we have helped a number of businesses grow substantially, having originally started out delivering products that were far from a full pallet load. To find out more about our pricing structure and how competitive we really are, please make sure you contact us so we can clearly identify how we can help you and your business succeed.

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Problems with late deliveries can affect your whole business, not just one customer

Since the revolution of online shopping has hit us, logistics and the emphasis placed on prompt delivery have had to adjust accordingly. Twenty years ago if a product wasn’t in store it couldn’t be sold. Yes, it was frustrating for a would-be purchaser, but no money changed hands and there was no ensuing anxious wait for an item to be ‘back in stock’. When Amazon first hit the marketplace, part of its success came from overcoming what was perceived to be a problem. If you bought a book in a bookshop, you had it there and then, there was no delay. Amazon were clever. They fought hard to overcome that problem with next-day delivery. In fact, that in itself was a novelty as the only thing similar to Amazon was shopping from a catalogue.

What shook the world of catalogue ordering is that the majority of outlets were offering a 5 to 7-day delivery period. To be able to order a book from Amazon, and now being able to order everything including the kitchen sink, and have it arrive on your doorstep the next day is what matters as much as the price. Do we want to buy something on the high street today, or have it delivered next day and at a lower price? We have become a society where we want efficiency and speed where it comes to being able to make purchases, but we have forgone the instant gratification for a 24-hour one. However, if we let customers down on delivery, the damage can be greater than you might realise.

As a consequence, whatever the size of your business, customer service and prompt delivery are what will likely see you get repeat business and strong recommendations. Social media is the new ‘gossip’ and while it can be harmful if you disappoint customers, it can be hugely beneficial if you deliver on your promises. And that is what we are here to help you achieve at Plexus Freight. No matter the size of the load, from a parcel to 20 pallets, or more, we can and will ensure worldwide delivery in an easily trackable and reliable way. Perhaps it is because, despite our size, we have remained a family-run business we are able to stay in touch with the ‘shop floor’ and we do not offer a service run by an accountant in an office. We know the world of logistics inside out and haven’t lost contact with our humble-beginnings roots.

So why not get in touch, or if you want a quick quote, why not use our online Freight Shipping Quote page to let you know what we can achieve for you and how much it will cost.

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As the world shrinks, Plexus Freight continues to grow

There is no escaping the fact that IT and the development of the internet has changed the way we live almost beyond recognition. Twenty years ago we would go into town to buy what we needed and if we couldn’t find it, we wouldn’t be able to buy it, end of story. For goods manufacturers and food producers, if products weren’t supplied to stores and retail outlets, products weren’t sold. It was a system that worked, but it was far from perfect.

Roll forward to today and all this has changed. Rather than go into town to do our shopping for anything other than day-to-day essentials, we go on the internet and look to see who is selling what we want at the cheapest price. As a consequence, shipping and transportation of goods and products have had to become more flexible as the rise of ‘microentrepreneurs’ invades the marketplace.

The shrinking of the globe in terms of communication and access to worldwide markets means that anyone now can source goods in bulk from anywhere in the world, and they do. This in turn has led to the necessity for affordable freight solutions that have adapted to find a way to make delivery of a single pallet of goods an economically viable proposition. And that is where we at Plexus Freight come into the equation.

We provide flexible freight solutions throughout the whole of the UK, Europe and worldwide. We can help you deliver anything from a pallet to a full load, priced according to your budget and delivered at a speed to reflect the level of urgency. We can offer an economy, express or urgent option depending on what is needed.

Our family-owned and run business has grown to the extent where we are now the UK’s leading international freight and express courier company and we have diversified to meet the ever-changing requirements of our customers which enables us to help you move everything from pallets, boxes, documents, crates and loose cargo or machinery to any forms of over-sized cargo.

The world we work in demands constant change and revolutionising in order to keep up with changing trends, so it will be interesting to see what Plexus Freight looks like and the whole road freight business in ten years’ time, as Daimler are championing the introduction of the driverless lorry and expect to have it on our roads by 2025!

So, while you still have the chance to have freight transported by a real person, why not use our simple online form to get a free shipping quote – you will likely be pleasantly surprised by our very affordable rates!

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