The Best Way to Transport Freight from Spain

Despite the breach following Brexit, Spain is still one of the UK’s strongest trading partners. The country was the UK’s 9th largest trading partner in the four quarters to the end of Q3 2021, accounting for 2.7% of total UK trade. With imports from Spain amounting to £21.1 billion. Close to 50% of Spanish agri-food exports to the United Kingdom, while Spanish vehicle parts, electronic equipment, pharmaceuticals, and plastics, among many other products, all have a strong market here. So, if you’re looking for a new import/export territory, Spain holds plenty of potential. But what is the best way to move your freight from Spain to the UK?

What is the Best Way to Send Freight from Spain?

The best freight service for you will largely be dictated by three factors:

  1. What you’re sending – Is it perishable, is it easily damaged, how big is your load?
  2. Your timescale – If you are working to a fixed deadline, certain freight options will not be viable for you.
  3. Where you need your goods to go – Is the UK your final destination, or do your goods need to be moved on elsewhere?

Once you know the answer to these questions, then you’ll be better positioned to make informed decisions. So, what are the options for sending freight from Spain?

What shipping methods are available for sending freight from Spain?

Sea freight

Widely considered to be the most environmentally-friendly means of moving cargo, sea freight is suited to transporting a wide range of goods. It can sometimes be unreliable – being at the mercy of the weather – but sea freight is versatile and can be economical.

Road freight

Road haulage is the most common way to transport goods. Partly because it’s so efficient – you can go from door to door without changing vehicles. Partly because it can provide value for money. And partly because it offers such a wide variety of options:

  • Express freight between the UK and a range of European destinations can take as little as 24 hours. Express freight from Spain to the UK will typically take in the region of two to three days, depending upon the exact origin and destination.
  • Groupage allows businesses with compatible content to share loads to reduce prices.
  • You can book full or part trailer loads, or pallet delivery.
  • While cross-trade shipping allows British businesses to collect freight from Spain (or any other location) and deliver it directly to its final destination without the hassle and expense of bringing it home to the UK first, and navigating multiple customs procedures.


Typically the fastest option, air freight is also among the most expensive ways to send freight around Europe. Or anywhere, really. But, if you are in a hurry, then it can be worth considering. Just remember that both load size and weight need to be taken into account when calculating fees.

Multimodal transport

Usually managed by freight forwarding providers, multimodal freight has the potential to be the most cost-effect freighting option. Employing a range of transportation modes – road, sea, rail – multimodal freight will see your goods moved between destinations for the lowest possible price point. This means that it’s not always the quickest option, and won’t be suited to all freight types. But it can be very useful if your shipments are not time-sensitive.

The freight needs of every business are unique. And it’s impossible to say which shipping method is the best for sending goods from Spain to the UK or the rest of Europe. Because it depends entirely upon the needs of your business. But getting to know what each freighting option offers, is a good place to start.

If you’re looking to send freight from Spain to the UK or Europe, get in touch to find out how Plexus Freight could help.


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