Top Tips for Shipping Freight to Taiwan

Air freight is one of the best ways to ship goods long distances. It’s fast, secure, and safe. And depending on your cargo, it can be cost effective. But when you’re sending freight to a new country, there are always hurdles to navigate. So, what do you need to know about sending freight to Taiwan?

Five Tips for Simple Freight Movement Between the UK and Taiwan

Get to know the market

With a population of more than 23 million, and an active, prosperous economy, Taiwan is the 14th richest country in the world. But although it has a strong export market, the import market is relatively untouched. Taiwan is only the UK’s 35th largest trading partner. But there is an increasing interest in UK products. So, if you have the right goods to offer, you could find yourself a strong market with low competition.

Understand the regulations

Before exporting to any country, it’s vital that you get to know which products are restricted or banned from import. Most of them are fairly obvious – no drugs, guns, ammunition, knives, animal and plant products, or human remains. But there is a complete list of prohibited and licensed items that you should check before beginning your exporting journey.

Stay on top of your paperwork

As with all exporting ventures, you’ll need to ensure that you have the right paperwork in order when exporting to Taiwan. This will include:

  • Export declaration form.
  • Packing list.
  • Commercial invoice.
  • Import license number (where required).
  • Free on Board (FOB).
  • Cost and Freight (CFR), or Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF) value.
  • Commodity descriptions and value.
  • Customs declaration.
  • Insurance – this isn’t a point of law, but it’s a good idea if you wish to protect your income.

Choose a reputable freight forwarder

When working with a freight forwarder, exporting goods to a new country becomes easier. Your freight forwarder will not only help to ensure that your goods move successfully from A to B in the fastest time possible, but can support you with additional services. That may mean the managing of all export paperwork and other administration. Or helping you to find warehousing at your good’s destination, and managing the onwards journey.

Pay attention to your packaging

It’s so easy to cut corners with packaging. Or to make accidental oversights. But if your goods are not well packaged they can be damaged or lost. Which will not only delay your shipment but cost you money. So, select your packaging well. And load your pallets properly.

Taiwan could provide a whole new avenue for your export business. Wealthy and interested, the country holds a lot of potential. But you have to do your research. And take care to ensure that your goods reach their destination in the best possible condition.

Are you looking for a freight forwarding service to export your goods between the UK and Taiwan? Get in touch with Plexus Freight.  

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