What is the Cheapest Way to Ship Freight to/from the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is one of the UK’s top trading partners. With mineral fuels, pharmaceuticals, and machinery being among our foremost exports, and the Netherlands selling glassware, nickel, and cereals to us. Billions of pounds of goods are exchanged every year, making the Netherlands a lucrative territory for UK traders seeking a new market. But how do you get your goods from here to there? Or vice versa? And what is the most cost-effective option?

The Best Ways to Ship Freight between the UK and the Netherlands

Road transport will always be one of the most cost-effective freight forwarding solutions. But there are different services within road transport that can answer different needs.

The most cost-effective freight service to and from the Netherlands

If you don’t need to transport a full load, and your cargo isn’t time-sensitive, groupage can be a fantastic option. Groupage is a service that consolidates compatible smaller loads from multiple customers. If the goods are moving between the same locations and are not likely to contaminate or corrupt one another, they can share the cost of transportation. This saves time and money for customers. While also helping to reduce the environmental impact of shipping.

The middle road

All good logistics providers will offer full and part load services. These are the bread and butter of the industry. Operating with a five to six-day transit period, this service is open to a range of cargoes. Including palletised goods and shipping containers. And this is arguably the most common form of shipping between the UK and the Netherlands.

The fastest freight service between the UK and the Netherlands

Of course, some goods simply can’t wait. And that’s where express freight comes in. For this, we provide two options. A two to three-day LTL service, which completes the journey on a single truck and crosses the channel via the Eurotunnel. And for more time-critical goods, we have a next-day service running from Holland. This is managed with the deployment of multiple vans and trucks.

Shipping freight between the UK and Netherlands is a simple process, even post-Brexit. You have a number of options to choose from, including airfreight. But if you’re looking for the most cost-effective solution, road transport will always be one of the most reliable options. You just have to find the best route for your business.

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