Why Working with a Freight Forwarder Be Good for Your Business

Freight management can be one of the biggest headaches for anyone in the import/export trade. Because when things go wrong, it can lose you customers, add to your overheads, or even land you in trouble with customs. That’s why so many businesses are now choosing to work with freight forwarding companies. But what could a freight forwarder, like Plexus Freight, do for you?

Five Ways Working with a Freight Forwarder Could Help Your Business

1. Improve customer service

One of the best ways to lose customers is to fail to deliver on your promises. If your deliveries are regularly delayed, it won’t be long before your customers begin to take their business elsewhere. Working with a trusted freight forwarder can remove all supply chain hurdles. Whether you’re working within the UK or Europe, a good freight forwarder will find the best routes and best service for your goods. And ensure that your paperwork is always in order, so your loads never face unnecessary customs delays. And if you work with a freight forwarder with a live tracking service, you can make sure that everyone is kept fully in the picture at all times.

2. A tailored service

Every business is slightly different. And every business’ needs change over time. By working with a freight forwarder, you can access a freight service that is tailored specifically to your business’ need. Whether you’re scaling up, cutting back, adding a new destination, or looking to reduce your overheads. A professional freight forwarder will work to truly understand your freight needs, and help you to find the very best solutions.

3. Save money

Freight forwarding companies aren’t usually looking for a fast buck. They want to keep your custom for years to come. So, they won’t just get to know your needs, but they’ll answer them in the most cost-effective way. Helping you to find a service that best answers your freight requirements without overstretching your budget. While protecting you against unnecessary customs fines and delays.

4. Red tape reduction

Importing and exporting goods has always carried a degree of red tape. But since Brexit, the burden of bureaucracy has grown heavier. There are more forms to fill. More boxes to check. And as your business grows, the required administration will increase. While it is possible to deal with it all in-house, it will mean extra training, and potentially extra personnel. A good freight forwarder will manage the admin for you. As long as you have all the necessary paperwork, your freight forwarder will take care of the rest. Expediting the customs process, reducing the potential for fines and goods seizure, and with a good chance of saving you money.

5. Improving your green credentials

Sustainability has become increasingly important to the general public. And for businesses, having a robust sustainability policy can be a strong brand differentiator. Which means that more businesses are looking into their end-to-end supply chain. Working with a freight forwarder is a good way to help reduce your carbon footprint. By selecting services such as groupage or multimodal freight, you can reduce costs as well as emissions.

Working with a freight forwarder is the simplest and safest way to manage your business’s logistics needs. Helping you to do the best for your business. And the best for your customers.

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